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Foodtopia Clean Chlorella Tablets

Foodtopia Clean Chlorella Tablets

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Chlorella is a nutrient-rich freshwater algae, known for its unique balance of essential nutrients. Foodtopia Chlorella tablets are an excellent source of vegan protein and supply all the essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibre the algae is famous for. Foodtopia Clean Chlorella is carefully grown indoors to minimise contamination making them one of the purest chlorella tablets available in the UK.

  • Excellent source of vegan protein
  • Grown in controlled indoor tanks
  • 100% pure chlorella
  • Broken cell wall for digestability
  • Ceritified kosher
  • Non GMO & non-irradiated
  • No fillers or excipients

Supplied in packs of 450 tablets. Serving size 5 tablets three times a day. One month supply.

Why Choose Foodtopia Clean Chlorella Tablets?

If you are looking for a high-quality chlorella supplement that is free from contaminants, then look no further than our Clean Chlorella from Foodtopia.

Specially grown in controlled indoor tanks to minimise the intake of toxins and heavy metals – a common problem with outdoor-grown chlorella – this ‘clean’ variety lets you get the best out of the renowned freshwater algae. Its thinner cell walls also improve digestibility.

Why Try Chlorella Tablets?

A nutrient-packed, single-celled freshwater algae native to Taiwan and Japan, chlorella is a popular supplement the world over. Indeed, it is one of the most widely-used greens supplements in existence. 

Protein – a nutrient vital to tissue repair and muscle growth, as well as countless other physiological functions – is just one component of chlorella. The algae is absolutely brimming with the stuff. In fact, chlorella contains twice as much protein as spinach and around 38 times the amount in soybeans. Pound for pound, it's one of the finest sources of vegan protein (and vegan iron) in the world. 

Chlorella also contains all nine amino acids, which makes it a ‘complete protein’. There are very few examples of complete proteins for vegans, but chlorella is one of them.

Of course, there’s more to the algae than protein and amino acids. In fact, it contains an impressive balance of nutrients comprising carbohydrates, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, RNA/DNA, fibre and its very own special Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). 

Chlorella is so nutritionally complete that we could conceivably survive on it alone for an extended period of time. NASA researchers have even investigated this possibility for astronauts!

What is the Significance of Broken Cell Walls?

Since chlorella is an algae, it develops a thick cell wall to protect itself from the elements. This cell wall is indigestible if untreated. Manufacturers of outdoor-grown chlorella typically have to micronise the sturdy cell walls to enable digestibility and release nutrients. 

Because Foodtopia’s chlorella is grown indoors, it develops a thin cell wall which is naturally broken down during drying and processing! As a consequence, our chlorella is 85% to 95% digestible and comparable with products that have been micronised to give digestibility. In our view, the minimum of processing is best for the end product. 

Clean Chlorella is certified kosher, vegan-friendly, non-GMO and non-irradiated. Each packet contains 450 200mg tablets for ease of consumption. One packet is typically a month’s supply. There are no fillers or excipients used in the manufacturing process: it is 100% pure chlorella pressed into a tablet.

Foodtopia Clean Chlorella Tablets

Regular price £21.75 Sale price £15.25

In the 1940s, chlorella vulgaris (a species of nutrient-rich green algae) was explored as a nutrient source to address a potential food crisis resulting from impending overpopulation. Unfortunately, due to sensitivities in cultivation, growing chlorella as a means of sustenance proved too difficult to be a viable solution.

In the 1940s, chlorella vulgaris (a species of nutrient-rich green algae) was explored as a nutrient source to address a potential food crisis resulting from impending overpopulation. Unfortunately, due to sensitivities in cultivation, growing chlorella as a means of sustenance proved too difficult to be a viable solution.

Open ponds were also open to most environmental pollutants, and exposed the chlorella to a number of dangerous toxins. While chlorella was always valued as a high quality protein source, researchers quickly found that it exhibited a unique chelating property – the ability to bind with most heavy metals – and this ability, combined with an open production system, meant that the overwhelming majority of environmental contaminants ended up in the final product. Essentially, what was to become one of chlorella’s most prized natural benefits – the ability to chelate to most environmental pollutants – became one of the most limiting factors in terms of its commercialisation.

Today, chlorella that’s cultivated outdoors still struggles with pollutants and production limitations, which is why we’ve taken great care to source our chlorella from a company that manufactures indoors, under strict aseptic conditions.

What Makes Foodtopia’s Chlorella Different?

Utilising proprietary PureTank cultivation, Foodtopia manufacture healthy, pure chlorella using a carefully controlled process. Everything from pH, temperature, agitation and aeration rates are optimised to ensure their chlorella is as healthy as humanly possible, and all of the nutrients are added under controlled, aseptic conditions. This has an environmentally-friendly footprint, allowing for efficient mass production, as well as preventing pollutants from contaminating the end product. Since chlorella has such incredible chelating properties, the less pollutants your chlorella is exposed to, the better.

As mentioned, chlorella is a wonderful source of vegetable protein. The chart above compares the protein content of chlorella against animal sources.

Foodtopia's Clean Chlorella tablets contain nothing but pure chlorella harvested from indoor tanks. There are no excipients or fillers of any kind.

For best results, either chew or swallow 5 Clean Chlorella tablets three times a day. Once opened, Clean Chlorella tablets should be stored in a cool, dry place.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or taking any medication, then you should consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements.

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