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Acidic and Alkaline Foods Quick Reference Guide

Acidic and Alkaline Foods Quick Reference Guide

Acidic and Alkaline Foods Quick Reference Guide

The following chart is a good and useful guide to the pH of many common foods. Use it to ensure that you are not exposing your body to the harmful acidic compounds commonly associated with poor health, exhaustion and susceptibility to disease. Studies indicate that reducing your consumption of acidic foods not only improves bone density but also helps to alleviate both chronic pain and acid reflux. It is perhaps telling that the vast majority of acidic foods fall into the 'ultra-processed' category which, according to a 2018 study, increase one's risk of cancer.





VEGETABLES Asparagus Artichokes Cabbage Lettuce Onion Cauliflower Radish Swede Lambs Lettuce Peas Courgette Red Cabbage Leeks Watercress Spinach Turnip Chives Carrot Green Beans Beetroot Garlic Celery Grases (wheat, straw, barley, dog, kamut, etc.) Cucumber Broccoli Kale Brussels Sprouts Greens

FRUITS Lemon Lime Avocado Tomato Grapefruit Rhubarb

DRINKS Green Drinks Fresh Vegetable Juice Lemon Water (pure water + fresh lemon or lime) Herbal Tea Vegetable Broth Non-sweetened Soy Milk Almond Milk Condiments (Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise etc.) Artificial Sweeteners Honey

SEEDS, NUTS & GRAINS Almonds Pumpkin Sunflower Sesame Flax Buckwheat Groats Spelt Lentils Cumin Seeds Any Sprouted Seed

FATS & OILS Flax Hemp Avocado Olive Evening Primrose Borage Oil Blends

OTHERS Sprouts (soy, alfalfa, mung bean, wheat, little radish, chickpea, broccoli, etc.) Hummus Tahini

MEATS Pork Lamb Beef Chicken Turkey Crustaceans Other Seafood (apart from occasional oily fish such as salmon)

DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk Eggs Cheese Cream Yogurt Ice Cream

CONVENIENCE FOODS Sweets Chocolate Microwave Meals Tinned Foods Powdered Soups Instant Meals Fast Food

FRUITS All fruits, aside from those listed in the alkaline column.

DRINKS Fizzy Drinks Coffee Tea Beers Spirits Fruit Juice Dairy Smoothies Milk Traditional Tea

SEEDS & NUTS Peanuts Cashew Nuts Pistachio Nuts

FATS & OILS Saturated Fats Hydrogenated Oils Margarine (worse than butter) Corn Oil Vegetable Oil Sunflower Oil

OTHERS Vinegar White Pasta White Bread Wholemeal Bread Biscuits Soy Sauce Tamari

General Notes:

Salads, fresh vegetables and healthy nuts and oils are great everyday food. If possible eat lots of raw foods and drink at least 2-3 litres of purified alkaline antioxidant water daily.

General Notes:

Avoid fatty meats, dairy, cheese, sweets, chocolates, alcohol and tobacco as they are all acidifying on the body. Processed and packaged foods often contain many hidden offenders. Over-cooked food removes all of the nutrition from the food.

If you're keen to maintain a properly balanced pH, Green Food Supplements such as Green Vibrance and pHresh Greens certainly help. 

The main thing, of course, is to focus on one's diet: quality supplements will never be able to compensate for an over-reliance on acid-forming foods. Is the above list a little too much to take in? Our article charting the Top 10 Alkaline Foods to Eat Frequently for Great Health is a terrific resource. You will not fail to note the benefits after switching to a largely alkaline diet!