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Good Healthy Water: The Number One Anti-Ageing Nutrient

Very few people really understand or appreciate the health benefits of good water. We are very much inclined to take water for granted, yet it should be the number one nutrient for our body.

The benefits of water are significant and varied, and so many people could enjoy better health, freedom from pain, a slowing of the ageing process and more energy if they would only drink more healthy water.

So, what is healthy water and what can we expect it to do for us? Is water from the tap healthy? Is bottled water better for us? Of course, these types of water comply with regulatory requirements but they don’t really meet the criteria as to what constitutes healthy water.

What Constitutes Good Healthy Water?

The therapeutic and health-promoting benefits of healthy water are better appreciated in the Far East than they are in the Western world. This could well be a contributory factor to the average lifespan of the Japanese, which is now several years longer than in the UK or US. One of the leading water researchers in South Korea, Professor Won H Kim, states that there are several characteristics that water must satisfy before it can be classed as healthy or healing water. They are:

  1. The water most be free of pollutants
  2. The water should have an alkaline pH to aid neutralisation of excess acidity in the body
  3. The water should have a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and possess antioxidant properties
  4. The water should have a reduced molecular cluster size to make absorption into the body better
  5. The water should possess good energy

Although tap and bottled water comply with the number 1 item on the list, at least as far as regulatory requirements are concerned, they do not satisfy the other properties. (As an aside, chlorine in tap water is regarded by many as a pollutant.) The other properties are vitally important if we are to enjoy the real benefits of good healthy water.

Good Water to Help Reduce Excess Tissue Acidity

Maintaining body acid alkaline balance is vitally important if we are going to enjoy optimum health. Modern living in terms of overly acidic diets, high levels of stress and environmental pollution places a huge load on the body and consequently, drinking alkaline water assists in neutralising this excess acidity and flushing acid toxins out of the body.

Water as Your Number One Antioxidant

The role of good water as an antioxidant is now beginning to attract considerable interest. Free radical activity is implicated in all degenerative disease and is believed to be the major contributor to accelerated ageing. Not only does it affect our internal organs, but it is reflected in our skin condition. The consequence of this awareness has resulted in the development of more and more antioxidant supplements. Yet good healthy water is itself a hugely valuable, powerful antioxidant.

Hydrogen-rich Water "Improves Metabolic Syndrome and Quality of Life"

When you transform water, tap or bottle, using special bioceramic minerals, you produce active or molecular hydrogen. This molecular hydrogen is a highly powerful antioxidant. This area is now being widely researched, with very encouraging results.

One study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania in the US looked at the benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is characterised by a number of negative health effects including excess weight, blood sugar issues, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels. It can lead to cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Drinking hydrogen-rich water made using special natural minerals resulted in a very significant increase in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase, an increase of good cholesterol and a lowering of total cholesterol. These results were very impressive, considering the only intervention was drinking good hydrogen-rich alkaline antioxidant water.

Appreciable results were also demonstrated in another study of patients undergoing radiotherapy for cancer drinking hydrogen water. This study showed a worthwhile improvement in quality of life.

Good Healthy Water to Aid Weight Loss and Improve Your Skin

Drinking healthy alkaline antioxidant water has many benefits. If you are overweight it can be a great asset to aid natural weight loss. Excess weight is regarded as an ‘acid’ problem and as you alkalise the body you will neutralise excess acidity with a consequent loss of excess fat. It can also help to improve skin quality. Free radical activity can accelerate the ageing of skin and the antioxidant effect of good water will help to neutralise free radicals. It will also help to promote better skin from the inside-out, as well as enhancing immunity and increasing energy levels.

Drinking tea, coffee and soft drinks are no substitute for good water. In fact, most of them have an acidifying effect on the body. You should consume a few litres of healthy water every day. When you do, you will see the difference and people will begin to note the difference too.

New Advances in Technology Bring Alkaline, Hydrogen-rich Water Within Everyone’s Eeach

There are now several ways to transform ordinary tap or bottled waters into health-promoting alkaline antioxidant water. They use the power of combinations of natural minerals to change the water in the aforementioned ways.

To produce water with similar characteristics to the ‘healing waters’ found in nature, it is a good idea to fit an alkaline filter system under your sink; this will filter out contaminants and then raise the pH to change the water into alkaline antioxidant water.

Alternatively, you can simply use the Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Filter Jug, which is a convenient and affordable way to enhance the water you drink at a fraction of the price of bottled water.

We are 70 percent water, so to maintain health it is logical to ensure that the water we give our bodies is the best for us. Our brain is the organ with the highest concentration of water so if we can improve our hydration levels, this is likely to result in better concentration and improved cognitive function.

Drinking good healthy antioxidant water is now affordable for everyone. The simplest thing that you can do to improve or maintain good health is drink it in on consistent daily basis. It is highly beneficial if we want to maintain our health into our twilight years, but vitally important if we are now faced with debilitating and life-threatening disease.

From now on drink your way to better health with good water and check out the Water Products page, in particular the aforementioned Biocera Jug. If you wish to read more about what constitutes good healthy water, our blog from October 2017 is a great resource: it compares and contrasts the most popular drinking waters currently available, from alkaline and hydrogen-rich water to bottled, tap and distilled.