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difference between cooked and raw food

Cooked Vs. Raw: Is There Really a Difference?

Cooked Vs. Raw: Is There Really a Difference?

Some foods have to be cooked in order to release their full nutrient value. Heat helps to melt fats and break down cell membranes - turning otherwise inert molecules into readily bio-available nutrient co-factors that can be used to nourish your cells, and boost your energy levels. Papers published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture indicate that many of the proteins and lipids in red meat, for example, are not fully ‘unlocked’ until they are heated to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, it is widely understood that cooking also plays an essential role in transforming the crystalline (and therefore indigestible) starches found in most grain products into readily-absorbable gels, which your body can use to produce the glucose needed to nourish your cells and maintain your energy levels.

A recent study published by Rui Hai Liu, an associate professor of food science at Cornell University, also revealed that thirty five minutes of cooking can significantly increase the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes, thereby increasing their antioxidant content and significantly boosting their ability to provide your body with the resources it needs to neutralize any oxygen free radicals in your system.

However, a great many foods actively suffer when exposed to excessive heat. Take green vegetables for instance: Unprocessed, they contain a broad width of highly beneficial alkaline minerals, as well as a range of important phytonutrients, a number of essential vitamins and a healthy amount of chlorophyll, or plant blood, which can be used to help build healthy blood and nourish your cells. Once they are heated, these delicate nutrients are quickly denatured, leaving you with produce that’s incapable of supplying your body with the full width of nutrients that it requires.

The process of cooking also kills many of the digestive enzymes found in raw green vegetables, which further inhibits your ability to properly metabolize and assimilate a variety of the essential nutrients found in green vegetables.

According to esteemed nutritionist Dr Joseph Mercola, cooking green vegetables also denatures essential bio-photons, which are thought to act as both a measure of a plants ‘light energy’ and a fantastic source of electromagnetic energy.

Whenever You Have the Choice, Eat Raw Green Vegetables

As such, it’s fair to say that raw green vegetables are considerably healthier than their cooked counterparts. Felicia Kliment, author of The Acid-Alkaline Balanced Diet, states that people who focus on eating raw, rather than cooked, greens can generally expect to benefit from increased nutrient uptake and a significant boost to their energy levels, as well as:

  • More balanced pH levels in their blood and tissues
  • Better cell oxygenation
  • An increased ability to detoxify any of the harmful acidic compounds that build up in our systems as a result of poor diet and stress
  • A stronger and more resilient immune system
  • An enhanced metabolism

Nourishing Your Body With Raw Green Vegetables is Both Simple & Cost Effective

Because they are so beneficial in comparison to cooked and processed foods, Both Kilmet and Mercola recommend that about 85% of our diets are comprised of raw, alkalizing green vegetables. Fortunately increasing your intake of raw leafy vegetables is very simple. You can try to replace boiled or roasted vegetables with fresh salads, or compliment stews and soups with a side of raw kale. You could also try supplementing your breakfast with a revitalizing green smoothie.

Kale, spinach and broccoli sprouts in particular are very healthy greens that you should consider incorporating into at least one meal a day. Green beans and rocket are also very healthy, and make a wonderful addition to any healthy salad.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel that you could add enough raw green vegetables to your diet, you might try supplementing your diet with a raw superfood supplement, like pHresh Greens. This wonderfully alkalizing product contains a full complement of organically grown green vegetable extracts that are very carefully dehydrated at a very low temperature, which means that they still retain their full nutrient value. Just one teaspoon is thought to be equivalent to a full serving of raw green vegetables.

Unlike other superfood supplements, pHresh Greens can also supply your body with the full 200-350 megahertz of natural electrical energy it needs to properly energize your cells, and maintain the vitality of your internal systems.

If you would like to hear more about pHresh greens, or you feel that you could benefit from an obligation free chat about increasing the amount of raw green vegetables that you consume, remember that we are always happy to help; just call us on 01764 662111 and we will be pleased to advise.