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Everything You Need to Know About Structured Water

Everything you need to know about Structured Water

Structured water is a wonderful thing, a natural phenomenon found in streams, rivers and lakes all over this planet. And being part of nature, it is a beautiful, ordered marvel, a dynamic force that continually responds to the environment, information and influences surrounding it.

You just have to look at the spectacular images taken by Masaru Emoto, a photographic researcher of the ‘truth of water’, to appreciate the exquisite form of a water crystal mimicking the positive energy around it, such as the word ‘love’ versus the disordered structure when it comes into contact with negative energy such as the word ‘hate’ or mobile phone radiation.

The Memory of Water

Did you know that water holds memory?

In 2009, a Nobel prize winner called Luc Montagnier saw spectacular results when he suspended diluted DNA in one test tube of water which then appeared to ‘teleport’ and replicate itself in a neighbouring test tube of pure water.

The water did this after being exposed to an electromagnetic frequency of 7 Hz for 18 hours.

Sadly, he has since been at the receiving end of intense criticism as his research supports the theory that water holds memory, and this helps to potentially explain the mechanism behind homeopathy.

The theory of water holding memory was first proposed by the late French immunologist Dr Jacques Benveniste in 1988, and recent research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports it.

They have developed a way of making the structure of a drop of water visible. In their experiment, each drop had its own unique imprint depending on the different individuals who produced those drops from the same body of water.

The researchers then placed various flowers into the water and experienced similar results with the most compelling images. They suggest that water is a carrier of information, and by drinking it, we consume that data. So rain, oceans, rivers and reservoirs potentially connect us all.

Expanding on this theory of connectedness, in 2013, Dr Carly Nuday – senior researcher and director of Water Inc. – published ‘Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment’. In her own words:

“Since water is responsive – intelligently encoding the energy to which it is exposed to as information within its structural arrangement – and since this responsiveness is immediate, and the energy and information is encoded in its structure independently of biological processes, we see that the water in the human body has the capacity to store the information of memory in a highly organized fashion that can later be retrieved and processed by the brain.

“Thus, memory is non-local, as science has described, being found…spread throughout the intense and complex network of our body’s water and liquid crystals systems as information stored within their geometric patterns. However, it’s not just our memory – it’s our entire consciousness.”

What is Structured Water?

We all know that we need water to survive, and that it is responsible for every bodily function. Even being mildly dehydrated can cause symptoms like headaches, difficulty concentrating, dry skin, dizziness and tiredness, along with increased thirst as our bodies cry out for hydration.

However, the type of water you drink can affect you in varying ways.

Although documented awareness of structured water dates back to the early 1600s, it still has some way to go before it is widely accepted in the scientific community and still needs to be further understood by those exploring its existence and the many biological roles and potential benefits it provides.

However, the current research is insightful, expansive, fascinating, and cannot be ignored.

Structured water is also known as hexagonal water or EZ (exclusion zone) water, forming H3O2 rather than H2O. It naturally arranges its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating and ordered geometric crystal-like formations.

Developed on a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface, EZ water forms when it is exposed to heat and light including infrared light. It forms a honeycombed lattice-like appearance and becomes more viscous, dense and alkaline than regular H2O. 

EZ water also has a negative energy charge which may explain why human cells are negatively charged.

According to The Universe of Water, rather than the solid crystal formations found in gemstones like rubies and diamonds, water molecules form fluid liquid crystals, capable of change, being able to break apart and reform in an instant “like a perfectly orchestrated school of molecular fish.”

Water, Our Cells & Our Health

To stay healthy, we need optimal cell function throughout our entire body. Simply put, our cells are crucial for providing the energy we need to exist and stay well, and they do this via cellular respiration.

Water is a vital part of this cellular process, as the water molecules within cells create positive or negative electrical charges, effectively powering us like a battery.

In the structured water community, the thinking is that water found in nature directly powers itself from sunlight and heat. In its natural state, the water has structure, is more activated and holds more energy.

Once this water is cleaned and treated with chemicals, it becomes de-structured, disordered and less potent.

According to the groundbreaking researcher and one of the leading authorities on EZ water, Dr Gerald Pollack, PhDhealthy cells are made up of organised H3O2 water which carries a higher electrical charge and more energy than standard H2O or ‘bulk water’.

This enables them to function more effectively, directly benefitting all the tissues, muscles and structures in our bodies.

Scientists have demonstrated this with the help of Nuclear Resonance Imaging, finding that the water in healthy cells remains crystallographic or ‘structured’, while unhealthy and diseased cells have a more disordered and random arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, resembling less energetic ‘bulk water’. 

Dr Gerald Pollack also believes that the alkaline nature of structured water can provide us with the perfect pH, helping us stay optimally hydrated and vitally impacting our health.

Interestingly, Dr. Pollack suggests that many of the purported benefits of green juicing come from the fact that water found in plants is already ready-made in the EZ state. “You’re basically extracting EZ water from the plant cells and putting into your cells,” he notes. “Good strategy.”

How Structured Water Can Positively Impact Health

Due to the potential effect that structured water can have on our cells, its health benefits can be far-reaching.

Many believe that the more structured a water becomes, the greater the potential for improved hydration and cell-to-cell communication.

Indeed, there is some evidence to suggest that structured water can positively impact energy levels, digestion, nutrient absorption, sleep, muscular aches and pains, joint issues, inflammation, respiration, mood, concentration, stamina, organ health and weight.

Structured Water for Back, Joint and Muscle Pain

In an interview with Dr Mercola, Dr Gerald Pollack equated heating with infrared energy.

Structured water cannot form without light, whether it’s sunlight, ultraviolet or infrared light. Pollack has found infrared light to be the most effective, especially at wavelengths of around three micrometres, which are all around us. When impacted by infrared light, EZ water continues to build and sustain itself.

In the interview, Pollack notes how this could explain why infrared saunas make you feel so good, as they penetrate deep inside our cells, establishing and sustaining structured water. He says the same thing goes for laser and light therapy and spending time in the sun.

If this is the case, it could explain why some people have positive results from infrared therapy for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, arthritic knee pain, chronic lower back pain and muscle fatigue and repair.

As infrared light can potentially reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, perhaps the same could be said for structured water.

Structured Water for Mood Disorders and Depression

Whether it’s getting out in as much daylight as possible or exposing yourself to a therapy lamp, light therapy can be beneficial for those suffering from seasonal and non-seasonal depression.

Regarding non-seasonal depression, this can be due to a disruption of the circadian rhythm in some depressed patients. For those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it is thought that lack of sunlight during the winter is largely to blame.

So, as structured water is formed by light, could it be that the formation of EZ water within the cells is the mechanism behind the positive effects of light therapy for depression? In which case, could structured water be a possible solution?

Restructuring Water in Our Cells

We can potentially structure the water that is already inside our cells by increasing our exposure to the right energy sources. These include light and heat, e.g. sunlight, infrared light, human touch or heating pads.
You can also practice daily grounding, or earthing. This is especially important in modern times when we are exposed to increasing levels of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and geopathic stress from mobile phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is stand on the earth’s surface with your bare feet and soak up the negative electrons to restructure your cells and neutralise the oxidative stress accumulated in them. You may also find sleeping or working at your laptop or computer on an earthing sheet beneficial.

Encouraging collagen production, or taking a collagen supplement may also help, as some research has linked collagen fibres as being superconductors for crystalline water.

Drinking Structured Water

Another way to access EZ water is to drink it. According to Dr Axe, optimally structured water is accessible in some parts of the world, though it is not readily available to all. He also states that there is a belief that drinking natural water obtained from the Ganges, for example, might provide the ultimate structure.

Dr. Axe goes on to say that it remains unclear how the structure of water may change once we have drunk it, and debates whether it is more beneficial to alter its state once water has already reached our cells.

You can optimise your drinking water by vortexing, and there are some water filtering systems available that provide alkaline ionised water with improved structure, energy, alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential.

Sadly, there is a lack of detailed scientific peer-reviewed research in this field, mainly due to the fact that it has little scope for patenting, resulting in limited acceptance in some sections of the scientific and medical communities.

However, use of the technology has spread widely through anecdotal evidence by both consumers and health practitioners. As such, the benefits of alkaline water are beginning to reach a wide audience.

Our Water Filter Products

At Water for Health, we offer one of the most extensive ranges of affordable, effective water enhancement options, from the Biocera Alkaline Jug through to under-sink alkaline water filter systems and personal water ionizers.

We specialise in the use of natural mineral-based products which are more cost-effective, in the hope that we can bring the benefits of structured, clean, alkaline antioxidant water to as many people as possible.

The reaction between these minerals and the water results in an increased pH (more alkaline) and a change in oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Research into the production and use of alkaline ionised water began in Japan in the early 1960s. Professor Won H Kim, a leading microbiologist from Korea, has stated in his writings that water should have five principal characteristics to be classed as ‘healthy’ water which we believe are a good target to aim for.

These principles are:

1)Water should be free of pollutants
2)Water should have an abundance of alkaline minerals
3)Water should have a negative oxidation reduction potential
4)Water should be suitably structured
5)Water should possess good energy


To find out more about our water filtering systems and the benefits of drinking alkaline or hydrogen-rich water, click here. You might also find our article “What’s the Healthiest Water You Can Drink?” interesting.

The concept of structured water may be dismissed out of hand by less progressive thinkers, but Dr. Gerald Pollack’s word in particular is very compelling. If you haven’t made up your mind, take a look at his TED Talk, entitled “Water, Cells and Life”  and sponsored by the Hydration Foundation.

This article was written by Rebecca Rychlik, Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath. Follow Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook and Medium, @rebeccabitesback.