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Green Drinks

Green Drinks

Green drinks are carefully formulated dietary supplements designed to provide you with nutritious, energy-boosting dense nutrition that is easy to absorb and quick to prepare. Green Drinks have become popular with people of all ages because of the multitude of health benefits they bring,

These powerful supplements are packed with nutrients. They combine carefully selected blends of antioxidant-rich, organic green superfoods such as wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, spinach and kale.

Sometimes they are additionally combined with digestive enzymes, alkalising minerals, other plant based antioxidants, probiotics and bioavailable amino acids to create an incredibly potent, energizing green drink.

How Could Green Drinks Improve Your Health?

Just one or two scoops of a good green drink will give you the majority of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that your body needs to flourish, and provide you with all of the antioxidant compounds and oxygen-rich chlorophyll molecules that you need to properly oxygenate your tissues and maintain good energy.

Because they contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and a wide number of other beneficial, alkaline and trace minerals, green drinks can help you to counter rising levels of acidity, and neutralize the acidic compounds that are deposited in your tissues. Increased acidity in the body through the consumption of excess quantities of acid forming foods, high levels of stress and environmental pollution leads to chronic disease if not neutralized and flushed from the body.

“"Green Vegetables are incredibly nutrient-dense, and provide just about all the vitamins and minerals that you need."

- Dr Robert O Young, author of the pH Miracle. -

Regularly supplementing your diet with revitalizing green drinks will improve the quality and flow of your blood and help you to:

  • Nourish your cells; providing them with the essential compounds that they need to grow, and ensuring that they are properly oxygenated
  • Restore your body to optimum pH balance allowing for better oxygen transfer throughout your body.
  • Slow or stop the development of long-term, degenerative health issues such as osteoporosis, brittle bones and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Change your internal terrain to inhibit the development of bacterial and fungal infections by creating an oxygen-rich, toxin-free environment that harmful microorganisms cannot flourish in.
  • Rid your body of the toxic compounds that are left behind whenever you metabolize nutrients.
  • Ensure that your body functions efficiently, allowing you benefit from increased energy levels and a greater sense of wellbeing.

The best green drinks also contain large amounts of chlorophyll; a powerful biomolecule with a similar molecular structure to haemoglobin that can help your body to rebuild and replenish red blood cells, and provide your essential organs with the oxygen and nutrients that they need to function correctly.

Interested in Boosting Your Health With A Beneficial Green Drink?

We stock a carefully selected range of green drink powders designed to provide you with a tremendous array of easily digestible nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need to alkalize, energize and revitalize your body. Just add a scoop to water, juice or a smoothie to give your body what it needs – great, nutrient-dense alkaline nutrition. Our range of green drink powders includes:

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is a potent blend of green superfoods that contains over 60 ingredients, including certified-organic spirulina, alfalfa grass, vitamin D3 extract and broccoli sprouts. Green Vibrance is available as loose powder, capsules or sachets and is a great product for everyone to take on a regular basis. Read more about Green Vibrance here.

Phresh Greens

pHresh greens is an organic, full spectrum green drink supplement. Packed with alkalizing green grasses and algae, this potent superfood blend contains everything needed to provide your body with the essential vitamins, trace minerals and important phytonutrients that it needs, as well as a large dose of chlorophyll, which is extremely beneficial to your health. Click here to read more about pHresh Greens.

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