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Health From A Very Different View Point!

Recently, while reading a book called 'The Healing Code', a paragraph really stood out to me. It was one of these aha moments when you begin to see things differently. It was then I realised in much greater clarity, why the current western medical system was totally failing and if we are going to enjoy real optimum health we need to focus our attention differently. Before I go into detail let me first introduce you to the part in the book that really grabbed me.

"In 1905 a guy with crazy hair named Albert scrawled on his chalkboard E=mc2 and the world has never been the same. To understand why, you have to understand just what E= mc2 means. On one side is E, which stands for energy. On the other side is everything else. In fact that is the meaning of E=mc2. Everything is energy and everything boils down to energy.”

Does every health problem come down to a destructive energy pattern?

According to the authors, Dr Alex Lloyd and Dr Ben Johnston, all our health problems stem from a destructive energy frequency. They went on to say;

“Before 1905 science followed Newtonian physics, which said (among other things) that an atom is hard, solid matter. We have known for some time that this was never true. If you look through an electronic microscope that is focused on an atom, and moving closer and closer to the atom, eventually you would say “where did it go? What happened to it?” because the closer your focus gets to an atom the more the atom disappears, until finally you go right through it. What am I trying to say? The atom is not solid at all. The atom is made of energy just like everything else on planet earth. Everything is energy and all energy has got three common elements:

  • A frequency
  • A wavelength
  • A colour spectrum

So whether it’s a table, a banana, your gallbladder, or one of the elements on that eighth grade chemistry chart, everything is energy. What kind of energy it is is determined by the frequency. Once this was proven by Albert Einstein (and, by the way, this has recently been validated by research from the Hubble telescope), everything in the world changed. Every industry that you can imagine began to shift towards electronics and energy. The automobile industry, the communications industry, television, radio, you name it. The one industry that has lagged behind more than any other industry is the medical industry. Especially in western medicine this industry has continued along the lines of Newtonian pre 1905 physics, despite the fact that we now know it is limited in its ability to describe the way the real world works.” 

I would highly recommend that you read the book, if you have an open mind it will give you a very different slant on how life works.

How can we harness these concepts to improve our well being?

What I want to discuss in this article is the relevance of these points to our health today and how we can harness them to our advantage. At the same time we can better understand why current paradigms are not working and are never liable to work.

I have always wondered why energy medicine has been so widely attacked. I was always of the opinion it was because it seemed to convey a spiritual side to our existence, which is anathema to some people. However, I now realise that that is only a small part of the reason, the real reason is that a whole massive money making industry is built on sand. It is not based on sound scientific principles, it is based on an outdated view of how planet earth and everything on it works.

If we go back to one of the earlier comments from the book, “All our health problems stem from a destructive energy pattern”. That brings us to a very fundamental question if we are suffering from some health issue:

What caused it and what can I do to address the fundamental underlying problem?

The underlying problem being a destructive energy pattern.

Toxicity - the root cause of many disruptive energy patterns.

Modern living, like no generation before, brings so many issues that can have a destructive effect on our energy pattern. Toxicity is a major stressor; emotional stress, oxidative stress, dietary choices and electro magnetic and geopathic stress are just some of the issues. We are inclined to think of toxins as things like, mercury lead and solvents. However, any molecule that is alien to the human body can be a toxin disrupting our energy pattern.

The body is designed to utilise natural food to survive and thrive. Foods that have been processed do little to meet our body’s needs to enhance our energy system and worse still, genetically modified foods are alien molecules to the human body and should be regarded as toxins. Regrettably most drugs are too. They are alien molecules and although in some instances bring relief from symptoms, they have a destructive effect on our energy patterns and cannot bring holistic health.

When we realise the enormity of this new world view it opens up a completely different view of health. It gives us different solutions, because it gives us different options since we are looking from a different view point. It lets us see how health should be and can be. The bottom line is that we need to focus on eliminating destructive energy patterns.

Give your body the tools to heal.

I often tell clients that I believe that most disease is really an imbalance in our nutrition, or our lifestyle or our thinking and frequently a combination of all three. When we begin to address the underlying imbalances we give our body the tools to heal itself. In other words we eliminate the destructive health challenges.

We have been conditioned to believe that so much of our health issues are genetic and that thinking sustains a whole industry. When we begin to understand the true physics we begin to understand that the majority of the this is just not true. It is dead end science that is doing nothing to enhance the health and vitality of humanity.

If we are energy systems why supplement?

The question that sometimes is raised is, “If we are energy systems does supplementation really matter?" The answer is that if we give ourselves plenty of high energy foods with a high percentage of organic fruits and vegetables then we don’t need to supplement. Unfortunately for most people that is not the case. Many of us need to supplement carefully. Not all supplements will have a beneficial impact on our energy patterns. Synthetic vitamins etc, will do little to enhance it. We need to focus on good plant sources of nutrition with the minimum of processing. Oils should be cold pressed with the minimum of processing. Where possible organic ingredients should be our choice.

What about our diets? Personally I do not think intensive agricultural does much for the nutritive value of foods. Intensive animal husbandry, where animals are treated as commodities does nothing for the energetics of the food, and consequently does little to enhance the energy of our being and our degree of wellness. Another good reason to choose organic.

Holistic health - The ultimate goal.

So how do we achieve holistic health, and what is it? As I understand it the words wholly, holy and healing all come from the same root word. Recently I was told that in the Hebrew language the word peace also comes from the same root. In essence, when we enjoy holistic health we have a deep inward peace that is a reflection of our energetic vibration.

At Water for Health we have endeavoured to source products where the manufacturers or producers care about what they do, people that positively want to make a difference. We want the products we sell to be helpful to enhance energetic vibration.

Hopefully this article will help you look differently about health and well being. If you are looking to improve your health, then it will help you look differently at the real root cause. Think carefully about everything you ingest, is it going to enhance or deplete your energetic vibration? Never underestimate the role of your emotions in terms of our well being, because the highest levels of energetic vibration are said to be produced by love and gratitude. Author: Roddy MacDonald - founder of Water for Health.