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#OneSmallHealthyChange Part 4: Simple Ways to Alkalize Your Family

#OneSmallHealthyChange Part 4: Simple Ways to Alkalize Your Family

Now that you’ve mastered the art of small acts of health, it’s time to focus on your family! You have already taken the first step by setting a great example. Here are some tips to help you alkalize your family!

This week is the last but one blog post in our series about how to make small changes that turn into big results.

So far this month we have given you tips on; easy food swaps, lifestyle habits and exercise methods that can help you naturally detox and achieve a more alkaline state of being all aimed at leaving you feeling and looking your best!

Tip #4: Get your family healthy and you’ll be more likely to achieve your health goals

Sometimes it takes a team to conquer health. The people you keep around you can either hinder or help your health goals. So instead of going at it alone, why not ask them to join?

Teamwork will only make your journey more enjoyable. It will also ensure that your results will stick if you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Example 1: Make a game out of it

  Kids can be a tough crowd. They aren’t likely to join in on a health task unless it’s fun or can keep their attention for the long run. Did you know that having fun is a great way to boost your mood and energy as well?

We encourage laughing, silliness and childhood games to get you going. Introduce your health ideas to your family (especially your kids) in the form of a game that everyone can play.

Set a weekly game that includes points for good acts of health. For example:

  • Drinking alkaline water is worth one point -so for every 500ml glass of water that a person drinks, they get one point.
  • Replacing breakfast or an unhealthy snack with a green smoothie is worth 3 points.
  • Every half hour of exercise is worth 5 points.

At the end of the week, add up your points and see who wins. That person gets to pick the reward of their choice. It can be a family outing to a movie of their choice, a week without chores, or an increase in allowance.

Not only will you become healthier as a family, you will also become closer!

Example 2: Cook together

Every family has their own unique taste and preference of food. But that doesn’t mean that your favorite foods can’t have a healthy makeover.

Homemade food always tastes better when it’s made with love. So instead of going out for a meal, start getting in the habit of making food at home. Challenge your family to come up with new recipes using their favorite foods. Be sure to include a health preparation.

Simple tips for making your favorite dishes healthier include;

  • cooking with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil,
  • as well as adding ingredients that you normally wouldn’t think of, such as spirulina.

One a week, have your family cook a meal together using the new recipe you came up with. If it’s an old favorite, talk about how the new recipe differs. If it’s a completely new food or recipe, discuss what you liked or didn’t like and then try to improve it the next time you make it.

Example 3: Make the grocery store your new favorite place to shop

  Get your family excited about eating healthy foods by letting them pick it out. Aim for a weekend or a day when all your loved ones are free and dedicated a day to shopping. Chances are your family will be much more excited about cooking the food they picked out rather than the food you brought home.

Example 4: Schedule exercise on your family calendar

People with busy schedules find it hard to make time to exercise. That’s why we suggest scheduling time to exercise on your calendar. Select a few days per week and set aside 30 to 60 minutes of designated exercise time. This should be just as important as homework or chore time.

Marking an event on your calendar is a way to hold you accountable. And if it’s a family activity you will have more people there to help make sure you get it done. Family trips to the gym are great. So are after dinner walks around the block, bike riding, roller skating, or playing at the park.

Example 5: Set the example

As stated above, nothing motivates people more than seeing your results. Generally, you won’t have to tell people how much weight you’ve lost by eating healthy and exercising- they will be able to see it. And what’s more, they will want the same for themselves!

Kids are especially great at being little mimics. They want to be just like you, so if they see you taking supplements first thing in the morning or getting up early to stretch, they will be more likely to do the same.