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How to Help Your Body Have a Great Summer Time Cleanse

How to Help Your Body Have a Great Summer Time Cleanse

Summer is on its way and there is no better time to cleanse your body of toxins so you can feel energetic and healthy. If you ate more unhealthy food than usual during the winter that clogged your digestive system with food and the rest of your body with toxins, a rejuvenating cleanse could certainly be in order. Most of us laze around our homes too much during the winter too, which makes us feel lethargic and compromises our bodies' ability to fight toxins. If you have had flu during the winter or allergies during the spring for which you took medication, you might want to cleanse those from your system too.

Many of you probably think of a 72 hour starvation regime when you hear the word "cleanse", but this is not necessary and not always right for everybody. There are many ways to help clean out your body of excess toxins that could be causing a whole host of uncomfortable health problems. Still, since the 72 hour cleanse is popular, we can start there by explaining what options you have for this, followed with other ways you can help your body to cleanse in simpler ways.

The 72 Hour Cleanse

There are several ways to do this, the three most popular of which are the water diet, the liquid diet, and the fruit and vegetable diet. The water diet allows only water for 24 to 72 hours, possibly with a bit of sea salt and lemon juice to provide the body with some electrolytes. The liquid diet allows water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and even soup for 24 to 72 hours. The fruit and vegetable diet permits fruit and vegetables, as close to their natural raw form as possible, for 24 to 72 hours.

All of these cleansing diets encourage you to consume something every 90 minutes so you do not get too hungry, dehydrated or low on energy. One trail of thought behind cleanses in general is to wash your digestive tract clean of decaying food that your body has struggled to excrete and that is thought to have become stuck there, fermenting and encouraging negative bacteria to grow.

Another aim is to focus on your kidneys, which play a central role in ridding your body of toxins which it strips out and excretes in your urine. By engaging in a cleansing diet, your kidneys are given very few new toxins to process, but are nevertheless somewhat overworked by all the liquids you are consuming, giving it the chance to filter out some old toxins that may have remained from previous weeks or months. Your body is then forced to start burning old stored fat because of the temporary lowering of calories in your diet, which it will continue to do if you start eating normally again after 72 hours. The psychological effect of purifying your body is also powerful.

It is important to take the full range of vitamins and minerals after a fast of any kind. If you force your body to increase its bowel movements especially, it may lose some good nutrients along with all the toxic stuff you are trying to cleanse so these need to be replenished. Moreover, you need to return to eating all the vitamins which you skipped during the fast, for which a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement is ideal.

Vibrant Cleanse is a useful 72 hour cleansing kit that contains sachets with the necessary nutrients to keep your body going during a fast, a herbal laxative, and green powder to re-introduce food after the fast. For first-time users, it also includes detailed instructions. Remember to rest lots during a cleanse like this.

Cleansing Supplements in Conjunction with Your Regular Diet

  • Herbal laxatives may not sound like the kind of thing you want to take, but compared to synthetic laxatives, they are actually quite mild. Liquorice tea even tastes good as a beverage. The thinking is the same as that behind the 72 hour cleanse: to clear the digestive tract of old putrefying food that your body has been struggling to process or excrete.

  • Chlorella is a green alga that can be taken as a dietary supplement. Its adherents believe that it binds to metals, chemicals, and pesticides in your digestive tract and guides them through to be excreted. These toxins will, thus, not be absorbed into your bloodstream and stored somewhere in your body. All of us accidentally consume pesticides in our food and chemicals in both our food and our environments, which makes chlorella a worthwhile supplement to consider. It has been proved to be effective at removing metals from mine shafts after massive mining operations, so it genuinely is powerful.

  • When combined with cilantro into a supplement, chlorella is even more effective than either chlorella or cilantro alone. Cilantro is capable of killing some organic toxins, like salmonella, and it can move heavy metals out of cells, after which the Chlorella will remove them from your body.

  • Fulvic acid minerals occur naturally in your body, but you can give it an extra hand by consuming them in a supplement like Fulvic Restore. These minerals are popular as a way to repair cells that have been damaged by toxins, as a free radical scavenger, as an electrolyte donor, as a distributor of healthy minerals through the body, and as an aid to help excrete insecticides and other chemicals. The food on which we all gorged during the winter contained so many chemical preservatives, colourants, softeners, and other additives that chemical toxins were certainly in abundant supply.

  • Zeolite is a substance that is taken as a supplement like Zeolite Plus. It is a popular antioxidant and cleanser of heavy metals from the body. If you do not currently filter your tap water, your intake of metals might be higher than you think.

  • Dandelion root and burdock are popular in the health community as liver bolsters. They can be taken as supplements or teas. The liver is one of the most important detoxification organs in your body. It produces the bile acids that help to digest the food in your intestines, thereby supplying your body with nutrients and allowing the food waste to be excreted. It also breaks down toxic chemicals like alcohol and drugs that can damage organs and tissue if they remain in the body. A good occasional liver support is, thus, in order.

  • Ascorbic acid, more commonly just called vitamin C, is used as an antioxidant that neutralises oxygen-rich substances like hydrogen peroxide that cause too much oxidation in the body. Oxidation is a process whereby cells are damaged by exposure to too much oxygen, very much like peeled apples and potatoes turn brown during interaction with oxygen. Sufficient C is a tasty lemon peach iced-tea powder that contains plenty of concentrated vitamin C.

Cleansing Made Easy

Winter is the season during which we eat too much and exercise too little. Summer is the feel-good season during which we want to go out and enjoy the warm weather and are naturally fuller quicker, therefore there is no better time to rid your body of the toxins that drain its energy and health. And as you have seen there is an option to simply introduce gentle cleansing supplements whilst continuing on your current diet, and a full on fast is not the only option to help you feel clearer mentally and physically.

You can have a look at some of our products such as Vibrant Health Vitamin C, Zeolite Plus, Chlorella, and Fulvic Restore which can all contribute towards your cleanse.