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How to Increase Energy and Vibrance with EZ Water

How to Increase Energy and Vibrance with EZ Water

How to Increase Energy and Vibrance with EZ Water

Many of us learned as children about photosynthesis. The process whereby green plants soak up sunlight, draw up water, and convert it into chemical energy.

The first step of photosynthesis is when light received by the plant causes the water within cells to split into positive and negative ions. Essentially creating energy from water and light.

Now, imagine how wonderful it would be if humans could do the same thing – convert sunlight and water into fuel for our cells. Well, believe it or not, it seems that we can do just that via a special kind of water known as EZ (exclusion zone) water.

Read on to learn more…

The Fourth Phase of Water

Research conducted by the eminent Dr. Gerald Pollack and his team at the University of Washington found that we, too, can split water into positive and negative ions using light to make energy. 

It was discovered that when water was introduced to hydrophilic or water-loving materials, it split into positive and negative charges and formed a negatively charged matrix consisting of three hydrogen and two oxygen atoms.

With the addition of infrared light, it was found to expand – the more light it received, the more it grew. When the water molecules absorbed the infrared light, they begin to vibrate and that vibrational energy transfers from one molecule to another. The water molecules could also move closer to each other for stability, becoming denser and more viscous. 

Dr. Pollack, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the research journal WATER and the Director of the Institute for Venture Science, named this negatively charged structured layer the exclusion zone, EZ for short, as it appeared to exclude all other substances by pushing them away from that layer.

Electrical energy was being produced by the separation of the positive and negative charges. 

This structured water layer, EZ water, was referred to as the fourth phase of water. The other more familiar phases being ice, water and vapour. Uniquely, the EZ water carries valuable vibrational energy.

The structure of EZ water appears to be gel-like, so it would sit between ice and water when visualising the phases.

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How Does EZ Water Help Us?

So how does this help us? We know that up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are 31% water. 

Inside each of our cells are large hydrophilic (water-loving) proteins surrounded by an EZ water layer. The negatively charged EZs almost fill much of the cell and repel the positive ions in the water, with the energy causes the protein to fold.

This folding is used in cell movement, like the contraction of muscles. So, without this EZ layer, cell function would be diminished. 

We found out earlier that light can increase or expand this EZ layer, creating energy much like a light-driven battery. Our very own form of photosynthesis. 

The more EZ water you have in your system, the more energy you provide to your cells when they need it.

How to Create EZ Water

There are a number of way in which EZ water is created. You get EZ water naturally when you drink fresh, pure water and when you expose yourself to infrared light. Below are a few simple things we can do to actually increase production of EZ water:

• Increase your own EZ water by staying hydrated and drinking pure, structured, mineral-rich water. The Energy Plus Filter System is a unique filter system that not only gives very high levels of contaminant removal but also transforms the filtered water into water which is alkaline, with antioxidant properties and good structure, all of which are critically important for optimal absorption and cell health. 

• Increase your EZ water with infrared energy. You can spend time outside or take infrared saunas, but another simple way of obtaining this energy is from the aforementioned Energy Plus. The four-stage system incorporates a filter that uses a combination of bioceramics to enhance water structure. These bioceramic minerals emit very low levels of subtle far infrared energy that help to improve water absorbability. Suitable structured water with a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) supplies the body with beneficial negative ions. 

• Increase EZ by drinking green juices, therein obtaining energy from the plants cells. Using our convenient greens powders such as Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance and Maximum Vibrance will ensure an adequate supply of the vital trace nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that our cells need. 

• Obtain EZ by consuming vital nutrients such as coconut oil, healthy dietary fats and turmeric. Research by Dr. Pollack found that by blending butterfat into water, even more EZ water forms. MCT Oil Powder is a source of clean-burning fuel for the brain, muscles and other tissues. You can easily incorporate it into your day, by blending into coffee and smoothies. 

• Build EZ by taking probiotics. A healthy gut is key to absorption.

• Build EZ by grounding yourself with the earth. Walk barefoot on the beach or grass to soak up the negative charge.


Dr Pollack’s research shows us that light-powered EZ provides us with an essential source of natural energy. This light-induced mechanical energy has been shown to subtly enhance the water flowing into our cells. Moving large blood cells through tiny capillaries without an increase in blood pressure. 

EZ water, the so-called fourth phase of water, essentially provides us with a light-powered fuel. A fuel that is free, reliable, and available to everyone. 

It’s as EZ as that!

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