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Importance of Drinking Healthy Water

You have probably come to this page because you are suffering from some ‘disease’ - maybe diabetes, or high blood pressure, or depression , or arthritis, or chronic fatigue, or obesity or some of the other increasingly common health problems. 

Whatever it is you are more than likely suffering from two interconnected issues - dehydration and excess tissue acidity. 

To many people drinking water is too simplistic to improve health, however the evidence proves otherwise, so take time to read to the bottom of the page; this information could make a massive difference to the quality of your health and your life.

In the Western world we are obsessed with food - if our energy levels are low we top up on food to give us more energy - and often we don’t get it. Why? Because, we need water for energy. Our bodies are hydroelectric systems!

When you went to your doctor did he suggest you drink more water?

I doubt it, unless you are fortunate enough to have an enlightened doctor. Maybe, some day water will be put on prescription and then everyone will start drinking it! 

For years one enlightened doctor proved, time and time again how water was amazingly helpful for all sorts of health problems - for fatigue, for stomach problems, for blood sugar problems, for asthma, for cardio vascular problems, for allergies- the list goes on and on. 

Now this was not some ‘way out’ alternative doctor but a well qualified medical doctor who graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London and worked under Sir Alexander Fleming, the developer of penicillin. 

This enlightened doctor, Dr Batmanghelidj, for years presented facts on the health benefits of proper hydration for the body. He went all over the world presenting the case for the use of water for maintaining good health, and curing disease and backed his findings with sound scientific principles. His many books are well worth reading.

In Dr Batmanghelidj’ book ‘Water & Salt Your Healers from within’ lists 46 reasons why water is vitally important for the body. He also lists what he refers to as the crisis calls of water for the body. On that subject he stated:

‘After much clinical and scientific research, my understanding is that the early indicators of acid burns in the interior of the cells and potential genetic damage that can take place are different forms and intensities of pain. Depending on the degree of dehydration, as well as the extent and location of acid build up inside the cells - when greater flow of water should have cleared the acid from that area - the classic pains of the body are produced.

  1. Heartburn
  2. Dyspeptic Pain
  3. Anginal Pain
  4. Lower Back Pain
  5. Rheumatoid joint pain, including ankylosing spondylitis
  6. Migraine Headaches
  7. Colitis Pain
  8. Fibromyalgia pains
  9. Morning Sickness during pregnancy
  10. Bulimia

One of the commonly used analogies used by health practitioners who understand the importance of water is to compare your body’s cells to a goldfish in a fishbowl, where the goldfish represents our cells and the water in the bowl represents the fluids around our cells. So what do we do when the goldfish is sick - we change the water! What do we do when our cells are sick - often everything but change the water! Normal approach is take a pill! However if we focus on changing the water we will see an immense difference in the health of our cells. And of course a healthy body is composed of trillions of healthy cells.

Does it matter what fluids we drink?

Dr Christopher Vasey, Naturopathic Doctor in his book the Water Prescription says 

“Drinking sufficient quantities of water is a necessity for optimal physical functioning, but it can also play a major role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Chronic fatigue, depression, eczema, rheumatism, gastric disorders, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and urinary infections are but a few of the many disorders that can result from not drinking enough water- and which can be treated by raising our intake of this vital liquid.

What is healthy water?

Although tap water in the UK meets the definition of safe drinking water in terms of WHO standards, many people would question whether it is really life enhancing healthy water. As a consequence an increasing minority choose to filter the water to remove chlorine, hardness and other toxins. However that does not necessarily make this filtered water healthy. Others prefer to use bottled water, but its benefits are also questionable and the adverse environmental impact is significant.

In the Far East water has much greater importance than in the western world. Leading Korean Water Expert Professor Won H Kim, who did his doctorate in microbiology at Oxford, says that good healthy water should have several properties. It should:

  1. Be free of all contaminants harmful to the human body.
  2. The water should have an appropriate amount of minerals required by the human body.
  3. The water needs to be alkaline.
  4. The water should be abundant in hexagonal structured water.
  5. It should be capable of eliminating harmful reactive oxygen species (free radicals).
  6. The water should have good energy.

As a consequence of their pursuit of healthy water they have developed lots of different technological solutions to provide good healthy water. In particular they have developed different types of bioceramic materials using natural minerals to enhance water’s life giving properties. The objective being to give water similar properties to that found in healing waters in nature.

Are you dehydrated – how can you tell?

If your urine is any darker than very pale yellow then you are probably suffering from dehydration. If you are suffering from any of the pains listed earlier or feeling fatigued, then you would probably benefit by increasing your intake of healthy water. Dr Batmanghelidj says that everyone should be passing at least 1.2 to 1.5 litres of urine a day. His books look at this whole subject in more detail and I would strongly advise you to read one or more of them. His first book ‘Your body’s many cries for water’ has sold over a million copies.


What is the best way to give your body healthy hydrating water?

Now we hope in these few minutes you have got a flavour as to the benefits of drinking good healthy water. Maybe you are seeing how the lack of it is leading to some of your current problems. If so then it is pretty easy to start addressing the problem. Now does that mean we should drink unfiltered tap water or bottled water- ideally not, unless you have no alternative. Many ordinary filtered waters are not ideal either, because they are acidic-which is not what your body needs. You need water which is as free as possible of pollution (chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, hormone residues, drug residues etc), water which is alkaline and can provide you with antioxidant properties-water which will supply you with natural alkaline minerals and positive energy. In other words water with life in it.

At Water for Health we supply several solutions to give people healthy water. We do not believe that drinking good life enhancing water need be expensive- in fact in most cases considerably cheaper than buying bottled water. We recommend the Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter as a great place for people to start drinking good healthy water. This filter jug filters the water and uses special bioceramic media to change the properties of the tap or bottled water you put in the jug. This water is much more absorbable into the body, helps to promote better body acid alkaline balance and provides good energy. It is possible to get the benefits of this type of healthy water from undersink systems. The Biocera Jug Filter looks in appearance like any ordinary jug filter but in operation is quite different. For less than 10 per litre you can get a plentiful supply of good healthy water for all the family.

Dr Robert Young, leading biochemist and author of the pH Miracle range of books says ‘If people ask me what is the one thing they can do to improve their health – the answer is simple – Drink Alkaline Ionized water.’

For further information on the Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter click here. This is an excellent place to start to begin to experience the benefits that good healthy water can bring you.

Alternatively, if you're more interested in learning about the importance of bringing your body back into optimum acid-alkaline balance, you might want to sign up for our free eBook instead, where you can learn about the many benefits associated with improved internal pH balance: