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Vitamin Water: Are We Being Deceived?

Vitamin Water: Are We Being Deceived?

Vitamin Water: Are We Being Deceived?

‘Vitaminwater’ is a beverage produced by CocaCola marketed as a health drink.

This is not so surprising considering its name ‘Vitaminwater’, both elements of which are beneficial to our health; the tagline for the drink is that you're buying a nutrient-enhanced water beverage.

The packaging also gives the impression that Vitaminwater is a healthy way to hydrate, with products such as ‘Focus' promoting eye health, due to the added antioxidant vitamin A, and revive which has added potassium and B vitamins.It may be surprising then to learn that in court, CocaCola’s lawyers have recently claimed that:

“No consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking that Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”

I am sure the above statement is something everyone consuming the drink would sure love to know, because isn’t one of the main reasons people choose to drink it in the first place because of it being seemingly healthier than many soft drinks available on the shelves?

What Does Vitaminwater Contain?

When looking at the list of ingredients, the second on the list – after water – is ‘crystalline fructose’. In other words, sugar.

13 grams of sugar per serving is pretty modest compared to other bottled drinks on the market, until you look closer.

CocaCola have cleverly decided that a serving size is actually less than half of the bottle. There are 2.5 servings in each, meaning that the total amount of sugar per bottle is 32.5 grams - this is almost the same as a can of coke!

In truth, this product is little more than non-carbonated soda.

But Wait, Are the Added Vitamins its Saving Grace?

Not really. The vitamins that are added to this beverage consist of tiny amounts of synthetic chemical compounds that are not easily absorbed by our bodies.

Isn’t the Fruit Healthy?

The sleeves may state that the water is kiwi+strawberry, but do not be duped into thinking that you will find any fruit inside.

CocaCola simply use artificial flavourings to allow them to call it that. Meaning there is no real kiwi or strawberry goodness inside the kiwi+strawberry Vitaminwater.

Vitaminwater Marketing is Misleading

The product name, serving size and marketing are all designed to make us feel like we are making a healthier choice when choosing this beverage.

Unfortunately, this product is anything but healthy.

How to Make Real Vitamin Water

Any pre-packaged beverage has to be pasteurised, and that process strips all of the enzymes needed to help digest and utilise the nutrients contained.

The only way to get your hands on real mineral and vitamin rich water is to juice fresh organic fruit and vegetables yourself. These are alive with enzymes and nutrients that fight cancer, prevent diabetes, protect your heart and support your body in many ways – including hydration!

Drinking manufactured, sugar-sweetened beverages is always your choice, just make sure that it's an educated decision, and you are not fooled into believing there will be any health benefits by choosing to drink them.

Water that has been purified and alkalised is the absolute best kind for your body. Aim to drink around two litres of water per day. This does depend on the climate you live in, so if it's particularly warm or dry, you will undoubtedly need more.

Exercising will also increase your need, as well as pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Being properly hydrated has so many benefits, not only in improving digestion but in helping you to focus and aiding your body with countless essential functions.

Proper hydration can also help you lose weight and develop a beautiful complexion, with boundless energy!

Naturally Flavoured Water

If these reasons are not enough to tempt you away from the flavoured pre-made beverages, why not try infusing your water with natural vitamin-enhancing flavours?

Simply fill a pitcher with around 10 cups of water. Add your favourite fruits and fresh herbs, then muddle the water. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or ideally overnight before serving.

Delicious, and no ‘crystalline fructose’ (sugar to you and I), to be found!

Oh, and if you're keen to up your intake of vitamins, consider our range of Vitamins & Minerals.