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Why is Water Such an Emotive Compound?

Why is Water such an Emotive Compound?

When we first started the business promoting products to enhance the health giving properties of water we were very surprised how the subject of water was so emotive.

Over the years that has not really changed and when you look at the research carried out by leaders in the field you see that many of them have been decried by their peers because of their research field. Yet despite that many of them have pursued their ambition to better understand how this unique compound of hydrogen and oxygen behaves as it does.

My conclusion over the 20 + years in this field is that the more we get to know about water the more we realise how little we probably know.

The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto spent a large part of his lifetime looking at the structure of different waters throughout the world and also the impact of different external stimuli on the structure of water. That work shows many fascinating pictures that indicate the impact of our environment on the water we drink.

We tend to view water purely from a chemistry viewpoint when there are other considerations that to a possibly greater extent impact the quality of the water we drink. An absence of harmful chemicals in the water does not confirm that this water is health giving.

  • It is Structure of Water not Composition that Controls Water Properties

    One of most attacked treatment modalities of natural health is homeopathy, which often uses water as a carrier. I have mentioned previously the work of the late Professor Rustum Roy who was a material scientist of considerable renown. He had this to say on the subject which gives a very definitive answer, that it is largely the structure of water not its composition that controls its properties.

    “This paper does not deal in any way with, and has no bearing whatsoever on, the clinical efficacy of any homeopathic remedy. However, it does definitively demolish the objection against homeopathy, when such is based on the wholly incorrect claim that since there is no difference in composition between a remedy and the pure water used, there can be no differences at all between them. We show the untenability of this claim against the central paradigm of materials science that it is structure (not composition) that (largely) controls properties, and structures can easily be changed in inorganic phases without any change of composition. The burden of proof on critics of homeopathy is to establish that the structure of the processed remedy is not different from the original solvent”.

    There are many ways that the structure of water can be changed including light, vortexing, magnetism and the action of certain minerals and crystals. I anticipate over the coming decade that we will see more and more devices to improve water structure. There never has been an age where it has become so important for our wellbeing.

  • Build or Deplete Healthy Water

    Leading water researcher Professor Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington is probably best known for his work on the fourth phase of water which he has named EZ water, or exclusion zone (EZ) water. EZ water is viscous, somewhere between solid and liquid. EZ water is the water your cells use, and it’s very different from the water coming out of your tap. Professor Pollack says infrared energy helps to build more structured water surrounding our cells, which is probably a contributory factor to why we feel good when the sun comes out. He found that several remedies such as turmeric, holy basil, coconut oil and coconut water helped to expand the amount of EZ water in the body.  Conversely he found that glyphosate (Round up) diminished the EZ water in the body at any concentration. He did speculate in his interview in the Body Electric Seminar that other poisons would have a similar effect.

    When EZ water was diminished it resulted in dehydration with all the consequent problems that brings. Drinking water is the raw material for building EZ water in the body.  It is also important that we get sun exposure so that we get the benefits of infrared energy. Sun exposure has been primarily viewed as providing us with Vitamin D, however increasingly we are finding out that its benefits for our health are much more extensive. We spend less time outdoors than previous generations and sadly we are probably reaping the result of that with increasing chronic disease and reduced immunity. That is one reason why lockdowns were far from helpful for our wellbeing and the results of that are becoming apparent.
  • Proper Hydration will Improve Quality of Life

    Our drive has been to bring hydration and nutrition products to clients to help to improve health and quality of life. We have serious reservations about drinking untreated public water and bottled water is not the answer for us or for our environment. In our filter systems, in addition to purifying the water we use bioceramics which are compositions of natural minerals and crystals that help structure the water. Some of these crystals emit infra red energy.  In addition to the restructuring effect several of our systems also release the powerful antioxidant molecular hydrogen into the water, which gives an additional benefit.

    For drinking water we recommend The Energy Plus Undersink System which gives you clean, structured water which is alkaline and releases small amounts of molecular hydrogen into the water.  If you are unable to fit this under your sink then the Biocera Alkaline Jug is a good option. You can also treat all the water throughout the house with a Whole House Filter System which gives you clean water for washing, drinking and cooking. Again, it uses bioceramic minerals to improve water structure. We believe that good water is fundamental to health and in many cases people would probably benefit more by drinking good water than taking a shed load of supplements.
  • Conclusion

    Good water is fundamental to health

    As a keen vegetable gardener I see how plants respond to ample supplies of good water combined by sunshine. They respond with healthy growth and pests and disease are seldom a problem to healthy growing plants. Keeping the soil well nourished, gives healthy plants which produces healthy humans and healthy animals. It is the way nature intended.

    Written by Roddy Macdonald, the founder of Water for Health Ltd.

    Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here to find out more.