There can be so many reasons as to why you’re not sleeping properly, and if you have significant issues, you could benefit from seeking the help of a practitioner of choice to try and determine the underlying cause and find a tailor-made solution.

Looking at how you manage stress, your diet and other lifestyle habits are essential if you’re struggling. Think about limiting your caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake, turn off all electrical appliances at least an hour before bedtime and consider daily relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or mindfulness. Also, make sure you’re getting enough exercise but don't do it too close to bedtime as this could keep you awake.

Outside of lifestyle choices and getting help, certain supplements can improve sleep quality for some people. Don’t give up too quickly, and make sure you give them several weeks to start working, particularly if you have suffered from poor sleep for some time.

Here are three supplements to help you achieve the sleep of your dreams.