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benefits of oxygen enriched water

The History of Alkaline Water

It was in the early 1960’s that the Japanese started research on the possible therapeutic benefits of alkaline ionized water. This research was a follow up to earlier work carried out in Russia. The research in Japan focused on using electronic devices to split water into alkaline and acidic streams.

As the benefits of alkaline ionized water began to be appreciated, manufacture of water ionizers greatly increased. It was subsequently approved as a medical device in Japan and is now used there in clinics. However, during the 1990’s manufacturing of water ionizers became more concentrated in Korea, which is today probably the main manufacturing centre for these devices.

Alkaline ionized water is now commonly drunk in Japan, Korea and many other Oriental countries. It is widely used in North America and now increasingly so in Europe, as awareness has grown about the negative effects of excess acidity from our diets and lifestyles.

In the last decade there has been a significant volume of research, particularly in Korea, into the use of special natural minerals to naturally change drinking water into healthy alkaline water. Nowadays there are numerous alkalizing filtration products available.

Mineral-based products have several features which make them attractive to consumers. Firstly, they are much more affordable than electronic systems. Secondly, they are more natural, giving you water which in many ways has characteristics similar to naturally-occurring healing waters. In addition to alkalising minerals, most of these systems use minerals such as tourmaline which emits far infra red energy which has healing effects.

“Drinking alkaline water is a great water to neutralize and flush out all of the toxins and acids that drain from the tissues and bodily fluids, and to quickly rehydrate the body and keep the blood alkaline.” Daniel Reid “The Tao of Detox”

At Water for Health we favour mineral-based systems, because they offer the benefits that alkaline water can bring to many more people. We also favour them because they are more natural and because of the positive feedback we have received from clients.

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