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The Consciousness and Intelligence of Water

The Consciousness and Intelligence of Water

The Japanese author Masaru Emoto famously studied the molecular structure of water and how energy and words from human consciousness affect the crystalline structure of ice. When asked what words are used to create the most beautiful crystal, Emoto unequivocally answered, "Love and gratitude."

Masaru Emoto's experiments on water began in the mid-‘90s, where he would expose water to words (written or verbal), pictures or music and then freeze the water. Before analysing its structure under the microscope.

Water that is exposed to positive energy like compassion and love results in pleasant geometric molecular formations. Whereas water that is exposed to hateful energy results in chaotic and unpleasant structures.

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The Greatest Scientific Challenge of Our Time

The material nature of water is clearly understood by physicists. However, subtle memory, mirroring and information that bridge the immaterial and material worlds has been evading traditional scientific study for decades.

Many in the scientific community criticised Emoto’s work, as they have others who have attempted to explain consciousness.

The quest to explain consciousness has been cited by scientists as “arguably the greatest scientific challenge of our time,” and often not seen as fitting for “serious science.”

The main reason is that modern science is designed to exclude consciousness. So it’s no wonder that Emoto’s work was not accepted by the larger scientific community at the time.

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There is an emerging world view, known as panpsychism, that is rapidly gaining academic credence.

Panpsychism explains everything as consciousness, rather than materialism or dualism (as previously thought).

This theory could explain where Emoto was coming from, perhaps he was ahead of his time.

Water is a Highly Evolved Lifeform

Water is required for every form of life on this planet. It is also indestructible, unlike the human form which is susceptible to illness and death. Water in and of itself cannot be contaminated.

Due to pollution, the outer edges can become clouded, but the core of the water itself remains untouched.

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The simple act of distilling water will remove the outer coating of grime that has infiltrated its aura and reveal that pure water lies beneath.

In the same way, water can be cleansed of impurities via filtration.

Humans exist on a lower level of consciousness than water, and as such can find it hard to fully grasp its enormity. That is, until we are faced with a Tsunami, drought or flood and have to admit that water is way more powerful than human consciousness.

The evolution of the human form is therefore carried out thanks to consuming high-quality water.

Water purifies the body from the inside out, and as such should be the first choice for optimising health.

Each water molecule remains pure at the core. The removal of any external debris can be done naturally via distillation, plants or filtration.

When we see water as living consciousness, the way that we interact with it changes. The very experience of being forced through miles of rusty pipes will impact the quality and energy of the water.

Whereas purification through filtration and structuring can harmonise the water.

The Discovery of the Millennium

A new study out of  The Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart has made a giant leap forward in the exploration of human consciousness. Researchers in the study obtained a pipette of water from the same body of water and then placed drops on a slide.

Each drop of water was found to have a unique pattern.

Interestingly, the students imprinted the water – all of the drops from an individual student were similar, although taken from the same body of water.

Then they placed a fresh flower in a glass of water to see what effect it had on the body of water. Each drop of water showed an imprint of the flower and when a different flower was used, a different pattern emerged. Showing that water has a memory/living consciousness.

The reason that we often find it so hard to understand that water has a memory or consciousness is that it challenges our very view of reality. As water travels it picks up information then distributes it to the plant or animal that consumes it.

Water is the Root of Transformation

Water is the only natural substance on Earth that can transform from solid to liquid, and then to gas, within normal planetary temperatures.

The transformation of water is due to changing temperatures. Freezing water encapsulates a memory in time, much like the experiments done by Emoto.

The transformation of water into a mist in your shower or scotch mist over the breathtaking Scottish countryside is a marvel to watch.

Water vapour can also be used as an interactive holographic display much like the ones that we saw in the movie Minority Report.

Proving that water may be the key to our transcendence in technology as well as health and spirituality.

The fact that water can clearly be seen as both a wave or a particle expresses the underlying theory of quantum physics.

Moreover, the memory of water being contained holographically in every drop, dependant on the observer, correlates with new scientific theories.

Mist flows and dances in a mystical fashion – some say that mist is the gateway to unseen realms and time travel.

The Bottom Line

Water speaks in sacred geometry and as such, humans often do not grasp its subtle messages.

Emoto was certainly ahead of his time in the 90s as he photographed the geometric forms of ice that had been impacted by human consciousness.

As you enjoy your water, it is important to know where it came from and the information it contains.

Cleansing your water by filtration removes toxic chemicals and increases vitality.

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Written by best-selling author and integrative nutrition health coach Rowanna Watson, who has a passion for natural health. Rowanna is an expert in all areas of holistic health, plant-based nutrition, detoxification and personal development.

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