If you often feel thirsty but don’t particularly like to drink water, forget to rehydrate, or tend to be quite a thirstless person, then you could be suffering from dehydration. Other people at risk include older adults, athletes and people at higher altitudes. 

Why should this be of any concern to you? Because even mild dehydration can cause your brain to feel addled as your cognitive ability begins to decline. For example, feeling dehydrated by as little as 2% can cause you to make errors while driving as your anticipatory perception, judgement and reflexes become sluggish.

Low-level dehydration can also cause headaches, tiredness, dizziness, weakness and thirst.

We cannot survive past three days without water, and we all need ample hydration to keep our bodies running optimally. Without proper hydration, you can quickly deteriorate as your body needs water to do every single job from cellular and organ function to digestion, maintaining healthy skin and joint and eye lubrication.