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5 Differences between Alkaline Water and Reverse Osmosis

5 Differences between Alkaline Water & Reverse Osmosis

Many people are becoming aware of the toxicity of our drinking water, whether it's fluoride, pesticides or the residue from medication.

The fact that man has polluted the water supply has become unavoidable. Air pollution from factories, synthetic drug use, and the use of insecticides on plants; all travel downstream into the water supply.

For this reason, people are searching for the best water purification system for their family. All things considered, it can be confusing. The pH level (acid/alkaline), amount of water used, electricity, cartridges, and all of the paraphernalia required can be mind boggling.

In this article we’ll focus on the main differences between Reverse Osmosis (RO) and using an alkaline purification method, so that you can decide what type of water purification system best suits your lifestyle.

  • Alkaline Water and Reverse Osmosis

    1. No Electricity Required To Produce Alkaline Water

    This part comes down to saving money.

    Reverse Osmosis requires both a larger investment and the ongoing cost of electricity to purify the water, while Alkaline water jugs are inexpensive and don’t require power.

    There’s also a sustainability/eco-friendly aspect to the fact that alkaline water doesn’t need to use any power. Plus alkaline water production doesn’t waste water the same way that RO systems do.

    Typically a RO machine will waste as much as 80% of the water that you put in.

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    2. Minerals Are Removed Via Reverse Osmosis Processing

    Like distilled water, RO water is devoid of minerals. RO removes microscopic particles down to 0.0001.

    This is good news for removing unwanted toxic particles. But it also removes many minerals that are beneficial to health.

    You could remineralize the water after the RO process, or distillation, but this makes the process more time consuming.

    Alkaline water, however, can increase the mineral content of water, adding beneficial minerals known as electrolytes, that help your body hydrate.

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  • 3. An Alkaline Water Filter Saves On Space

    If you don’t have the space for yet another gadget in the kitchen, then opt for an alkaline water filter. The jugs are small and easy to use.

    The alkaline water jugs are also compact and nicer to look at, while RO systems can be cumbersome and are not the best option for those apartments where space is limited.

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  • Reverse Osmosis

    4. Reverse Osmosis Makes The pH Level Of Water Acidic

    The pH of your water is the amount of hydrogen dissolved in it. As such you can buy HydroTabs, to make your water more alkaline. Or you can use an alkaline water jug. Both options mean that the pH levels are alkaline and more health promoting for your body. RO on the other hand makes drinking water more acidic. If you bear in mind that acidic beverages are normally toxic to the body, then you might begin to see why RO water could be an insufficient solution.

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    5. Alkaline Water Is Healthier Than Reverse Osmosis

    Alkaline water is closer to nature. Naturally occurring springs have a higher pH, and as such are more alkaline.

    RO on the other hand, is more synthetic, more man-made if you like. Nature doesn’t make RO water, it can only be made by machines.

    While RO removes impurities, it also removes the minerals and makes the water acidic, whereas alkaline water has added health promoting minerals, and has a higher, more alkaline pH.

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  • Conclusion

    RO creates unhappy, machine like water that’s acidic and lacks minerals.

    Because man has become aware of the growing concerns about water contamination, we’ve cleverly come up with solutions. That’s great. But it pays to know what solutions align with nature and promote health and wellbeing.

    RO creates unhappy, machine-like water that’s acidic and lacks minerals, while using an alkaline water jug purifies the water, improves the pH and retains the healthy minerals. Can’t get better than that.

    Written by best-selling author and integrative nutrition health coach Rowanna Watson, who has a passion for natural health. Rowanna is an expert in all areas of holistic health, plant-based nutrition, detoxification and personal development.

    Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here to find out more.