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8 Reasons to Drink More Water

8 Reasons to Drink More Water

How many times have you read an article telling you that it is essential to drink plenty of water? You know that you should, but do you? 

The vast majority of the Western World is severely dehydrated - chronically, persistently dehydrated. 

So the evidence suggests that even though we know we should, we don’t drink enough.

Rather than tell you the negatives that occur when you are dehydrated, here are 8 wonderful benefits that you will enjoy by taking the time to sip that good stuff!

1. Digestion

Drinking enough water aids with digestion, relieving constipation and helping your body to flush out waste and excess bacteria from your gut. This will leave you feeling light on your toes by banishing the bloat from fermenting bacteria…yuck!

2. Clear Mind

Prevent dehydration fuelled confusion and forgetfulness by drinking up! Water can help you stay positive and focused. Clarity of mind is something we all need to be able to reach our full potential in this short but precious life.

3. Beautiful Skin

Did you know that water is a wonderful, natural anti-ager? Drink throughout the day for reduced puffiness, a clear pimple free complexion and fewer wrinkles. Do you even need any other reasons?!

4. Lose Weight

It is often difficult to know the difference between feeling hungry and feeling thirsty, which can cause us to eat when we actually need water. Try drinking a glass of water next time you feel the urge to eat, you could prevent yourself from filling up with more food than you actually need. In addition to this, water acts as an appetite suppressant, so having a glass before you eat will keep your portion size in check.

5. Boost to Energy Levels

Do you feel tired all of the time? Water can reduce fatigue, as dehydration causes your body to take water from cells to enable essential functions to continue. Sip throughout the day to keep your energy levels balanced, and why not even try these delicious recipes that will enhance to taste of plain water. *insert article link to flavoured water recipes article*

6. Essential Functions

Water is essential to enable the body to perform many many functions. It helps to detoxify, flush out the kidneys of accumulated waste, and assists in transporting nutrients to all of the cells. It also helps with chemical processes, and hormone release that trigger all manner of reactions in your body. Things that you possibly don’t even know that your body is busy doing to keep you alive and well all require water. So keep hydrated and help your body to do its job properly!

7. Reduced Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain you will know how unbearable it can be, and how it can affect all aspects of your life. Did you know that simply sipping water throughout your day can greatly improve the pain that you feel? Water helps to keep the cartilage soft and hydrated. It also replenishes the fluid that cushions the cartilage, keeping you supple, and allowing joint to move more comfortably.

8. Improved Mood

When your body is working at its optimum level and you are mentally alert, looking fresh and feeling energised - then your mood will naturally be better and you will feel happier.

How Much is Enough?

A rough guide is to drink around 2 litres of water per day. This is affected by the climate you live in, so if it is particularly warm or dry then you will need more. Exercising will also increase your need, as well as pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.

If you have a lot of caffeinated drinks, alcohol or salty foods then be aware of the diuretic effects that they have on your body, and increase your water intake accordingly.

All Water is Not Equal

Another point to remember is that the quality of your water is important. Consider purifying your tap water, and for many additional health benefits alkalised water could be your optimum choice.

For information on products to produce good alkaline water go to our Water Products page.