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Alkaline Water in The Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis

Alkaline Water in The Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis could be thought of as an acid problem – Numerous studies have shown that the body will withdraw alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium from your bones and muscles whenever your internal pH sways towards acidity; neutralizing the toxic compounds in your tissues, but also causing bone loss and reducing your ability to heal and repair your skeletal system.

Dr Philip Day, medical researcher and author of The ABC’s of Disease states that: “When we acidify our internal environment with certain types of food, the body is forced to neutralise or buffer this acid using a number of ingenious systems, mostly comprising alkalising minerals such as sodium, calcium potassium, magnesium and iron. When the digestive system is hit with a storm of acid derived from excessive protein food metabolism, this acid is potentially lethal, and our bodies need to sort the problem in a hurry First our brain mobilises mineral buffers designed to raise the acidic pH of our internal environment towards neutral in an attempt to counteract the acid – the mineral buffers use alkalising minerals such as sodium, calcium potassium, magnesium and iron along with water to combine with the acid generated by these food ashes to raise their pH before escorting them out of the body via the kidneys. Notice the body loses these alkalising minerals when they are eliminated along with the acid. If we are eating mineral deficient, processed foods and are not consuming plenty of fresh water, the body may run short of these alkalising minerals and so starts to strip them from our bones. The result of these withdrawals is ‘porous bone’ or osteoporosis.”

Professor Felicia Dury Kilmet, author of The Alkaline Balanced Diet, says that the most effective way of inhibiting this process of mineral leaching is “to reduce the acidic waste in the body by eliminating processed, nutrient deficient foods from our diet, and beginning to promote a more alkaline internal pH balance”

Alkaline Water Can Help You To Bring Your Body Back Into Balance

The best way to promote a healthy internal pH, and prevent our bodies from leaching minerals from our bones is to begin alkalising our bodies with alkaline water and mineral-rich green superfood supplements.

Both green supplements and alkaline water are capable of supplying your body with the alkaline elements normally leached from your bones, allowing you to neutralizing any excess acids in your tissues without placing additional stress on your body or contributing the causes of bone loss.

Alkaline water and green superfoods can also aid your body in the uptake of calcium, and help to promote the absorption of minerals from any additional supplements that you might be taking to help combat osteoporosis.

If you want to learn more about topping up your body’s natural mineral reserves with alkaline water or green superfood supplements, you should check out our article on acid-alkaline balance.

You can also learn more about using alkaline water to help combat the root causes of osteoporosis by reading our article on the properties of alkaline water.

If you require any additional information, or you’d like to chat to someone about alkalizing to prevent or treat osteoporosis, remember that you can also call us on 01764 662111.