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does water hydrate the body

Does Water Hydrate the Body?

You may have seen some of the headlines in the papers telling you of an EU decision that suppliers are not going to be able to say that drinking plenty of water hydrates the body. I think the decision has been somewhat misrepresented in that there is already a prior consensus that men should drink 2.5 litres per day and ladies should drink 2.0 litres.

However, what is becoming increasingly apparent is that when it comes to regulations all too often common sense is thrown to the wind – common sense seems to be becoming less and less common! What is increasingly important is that we all need to take personal responsibility for our health and not be influenced by academics who have thrown reason to the wind. Your body knows what it needs – all you have to do is listen to it.

For more information on body hydration, have a look at our Water Products page. It may interest you to know that a 2010 Montana State University study found that mineral-rich alkaline water gives better hydration than regular water.

“The experimental group showed significant increases in both the blood and urine pH when they consumed highly mineralised water in the study's second and third weeks. The experimental group also showed a decreased blood and increased urine osmolality, as well as a decreased urine output during the second and third weeks of the study, which indicated higher levels of hydration.” Post updated February 6, 2018.