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Jordan's Story

The following is the interesting story of a young person who decided to take personal responsibility for his health. It is an inspiring story of what can be achieved and like many people on this journey to wellness, he wants to share his experience with others:

Hi everyone,

My name is Jordan Price. I am 18 years of age and I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This is where my journey began.

In February 2013, I visited my local GP with a re-occurring infection, whilst I was there my doctor asked me to take a urine sample. The results came back with foreign bodies found in my urine. I later found out that these foreign bodies were sugar. I was told to go and have a blood test taken at the local hospital; I got my results back later that day, and my sugar level had reached 19.6 mmol/l!

I was told that I had type 1 diabetes and that my body would be insulin dependent through injections.

I wanted to get a second opinion on my diagnosis, so I decided to visit David Broom, a herbalist. From the day I visited him, I was told to completely cut sugar out of my diet, I was told to start eating as many raw foods as possible, buy a juicer and start juicing and eating raw foods and fruits everyday, take vitamin supplements and drink as much alkalised water as possible; this was to balance out the acid in my body. This was the only way to give my body the best possible chance of reversing the disease. After being told to drink alkalised water I searched the filtration market thoroughly. I came across the BIOCERA water jug. This water jug was the perfect product. It did the correct job and it was the right price. Since purchasing the water jug, I have never looked back. I use it every day, several times a day. The design of the jug is robust and sustainable.

After being on the raw foods diet for just 6 days, my sugar levels dropped from 19.6mmol/l to 9.5mmol/l! From week to week I found my sugar levels constantly dropping off! I thoroughly believe that good nutrition, through healthy eating, eating raw foods, vitamin intake, juicing, lots of exercise and plenty of alkalised filtrated water will protect your body against a huge range of diseases and illnesses. It is also proving to have the ability of reversing illnesses! Let’s not also forget about how you can reach optimum health through following my diet as well!

It has now been 7 months since I started my diet. I have lost weight, feel absolutely amazing, feel a lot fitter and have a lot more energy. My sugar level is now down to 3.9 mmol/l, which is considered to be optimum health. From being diagnosed, it has decreased a huge amount. So, that’s my story. It took a long time, it wasn’t easy, but I’ve done it. I have reversed diabetes naturally.

Please have a look at my website to read more in depth about my journey. It will also provide you with key information about looking after your bodies. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your feedback.

Best wishes, Jordan Price.


If you have a story like Jordan's, remember that we would love to hear from you too. Just use the contact form on our website, or contact us on 01764 662111, where we will always be happy to chat.