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Stay Properly Hydrated to Make You Feel 10 Years Younger

Stay Properly Hydrated to Make You Feel 10 Years Younger

It’s quite obvious that dehydration is one factor that leads to ageing.

Especially if we look at wrinkled skin.

It’s clear that the skin is lacking nourishment, and hydration.

There are many reasons for this,

not least the lifestyle and habits that we have in the West.

Staying in a warm home, or office can dry your skin out,

…plus the majority of us don’t drink nearly enough water each day.

The food we eat is often dry, like bread, pasta, wraps, crisps etc…

Which doesn’t help us to stay hydrated and feeling energised.

What makes matters worse is that older people don’t feel thirst the same way that younger people do.

But what if I told you there was a better way to drink water?

In this article I’ll go into a range of ways that you can ensure that you stay properly hydrated. So that you feel ten years younger.

  • Water Helps You Look & Feel Younger

    7 Ways Water Helps You Look & Feel Younger

    It just so happens that water helps you look younger in many ways. Not least, the type of water you drink. But we'll get into that later. Here are some ways that water can boost your health. Helping you look and feel younger.

    • Water flushes out toxins - your kidneys are one of the detoxification centres of your body. They require ample amounts of water to flush out toxins.
    • Helps with weight loss - people often confuse thirst for hunger. Meaning they eat more food thinking that they are hungry, when in reality, they should be drinking more water. In fact, studies show that 37% of people confuse hunger and thirst.
    • Can offer pain relief - one study found that drinking adequate water helped lessen menstrual pain, and the duration of bleeding. We need water for our blood to flow, and for our organs to function. Therefore, consuming enough water can help the body flush out toxins, and boost pain relief. Which can make us feel more youthful.
    • Boosts performance - did you know that it's normal for an athlete to lose 6-10% of their body's water volume while exercising? That's a considerable percentage, and just goes to show how much more water we should be drinking when we're exercising. Losing that much water can make you feel tired and unmotivated. The good news is that studies show that drinking enough water before, during and after exercising can boost performance.
    • Increases energy - water is needed to power all of the cells in your body. The mitochondria in your cells that are the power houses, need water to produce energy. Hence adequate water can boost energy levels. Having more energy helps you to feel younger.
    • Skin health - your skin requires adequate amounts of collagen to be healthy. It just so happens that collagen is 60% water. Making water vital for healthy glowing skin.
    • Improves brain power - as people age, they often become forgetful, or simply can't think as fast as they used to. This could be due in part to dehydration. The brain is made up of 73% water. Making water essential for brain health.

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  • Are You Thirsty or Hungry?

    Because the sensations are so similar, it's common for people to confuse hunger and thirst. For this reason, it's important to stay on top of things. Not least because dehydration can lead to kidney stones, kidney disease and bodily systems not functioning correctly. Here are some ways you can ensure that you’re properly hydrated:

    • Drink at regular intervals - to make sure you drink enough water it's a good idea to have set times that you drink water or freshly squeezed juice. For example, you could drink a tall glass of lemon water when you wake up, then have a green juice for breakfast. You shouldn’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. It’s a good idea to prioritise hydration if you want to boost mental clarity, digestion, detoxification and energy levels.
    • If in doubt, have a drink (of water that is) - let’s say you’re at the petrol station, and you fancy a snack. Why not grab a bottle of water instead. Then wait for 15 minutes to find out if you’re still feeling hungry. That way you can overcome those waves of temptation that come crashing in. Often these hunger pangs pass in a few minutes.
    • Carry a healthy snack with you - if you’re out and about, it’s a good idea to carry some healthy foods like berries or grapes. These are great for hydration too. This will stop the urge to pick up a packet of crisps, or something sweeter. Berries and grapes are great for hydration.

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  • The Best Water For Longevity

    Scientists have found that structured water is amazing for overall health. If you don’t have a machine to make structured water, you can get it from plants. Plants contain high levels of structured water. Cucumbers for instance contain 96% water, tomatoes have 95% water, and spinach is 93% water. That’s why you see all these memes of a big bag of cooked spinach coming out as a tiny little dollop.

    If you can juice fruits and vegetables, in a slow masticating juicer, then you will be consuming nature's finest water. Especially if it’s organic. Plus you’ll be drinking tons of nutrients. Another way to drink structured water is to buy a water purification system that produces structured water. Alkaline water is the next best water purification system as it is close to nature's purest water.

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  • Conclusion

    Drinking the right amount of water can be hard, until it’s a habit. We can often confuse hunger and thirst. So always go for water first, before you eat food. That way you know that you’re getting enough hydration. Picking times when you drink water and always having a bottle of water with you is a great way to ensure that you always have fresh water by your side. Reminding you to stay hydrated.