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Alkaline Antioxidant Water: Hype or Does the Science Back It Up?

Alkaline Antioxidant Water: Hype or Does the Science Back It Up?

Alkaline antioxidant water is a term that is thrown around a lot in the health community. Health experts claim it's an easy way to promote well-being and fight disease. But is it just a load of hype or does science show it really can improve your health?

In short, alkaline antioxidant water is backed by science to provide a wide range of health benefits from promoting alkalinity to naturally detoxing the body through a naturally-occurring gas called molecular hydrogen. Here’s what the science says about incorporating this easy health hack into your diet.

What is Alkaline Antioxidant Water and Why Should You Drink It?

Alkaline water has a higher pH than normal water. The idea is that drinking water with a higher pH level will neutralise acids in the body to promote alkalinity and reduce the likelihood of developing disease.

Antioxidants and molecular hydrogen are the key ingredients in alkaline antioxidant water. As the average Western diet includes lots of processed foods and sugars that cause the body to become acidic, it’s very easy for toxins to accumulate in the body’s blood and tissues to cause inflammation and eventually disease.

Drinking alkaline antioxidant water is an easy way to flush toxins that accumulate from poor diet, stress, and lack of sleep and physical activity to promote an overall sense of well-being.

In addition to inducing acidosis, did you know that eating junk food may be shrinking your brain?

The smart answer is to start following an alkaline diet and drinking antioxidant water. Whatever you make of this type of diet, the overall message emphasises eating plenty of alkalising vegetables and cutting out refined foods (including grains and simple sugars); who can argue that that's ever a bad thing? Especially when the majority of Brits consistently fail to meet their daily quota of fresh fruit and vegetables.

According to the latest research, we should be eating 10 portions per day: easy if you're sticking to the alkaline diet, highly difficult if you're not.

If you’re drinking regular tap water, you can expect an extra helping of toxins. Tap water has been shown to contain dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, fluorine, arsenic, pesticides, nitrates and hormones. These chemicals may contribute to infertility, digestive problems and thyroid disease, among others.

What Does the Science Say?

Alkaline antioxidant water that has been infused with molecular hydrogen, a naturally-occurring that could bring serious health benefits. Molecular hydrogen itself works to protect the body from toxin damage, deep down where you need it most – at a cellular level.

According to a study published in Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, molecular hydrogen has been shown to protect proteins, DNA and RNA from damage. It also helps trigger antioxidant enzymes for ultimate protection against the build-up of dangerous toxins and can even alter cell metabolism, gene expression and cell signalling.

According to a 2013 study, molecular hydrogen contains anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cell death properties that may be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, nephritic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, drinking antioxidant alkaline water may help improve digestive disorders associated with aging and poor diet.

A 2016 study published in Alternative Therapies In Health and Medicine stated that drinking alkaline antioxidant water could combat low-grade metabolic acidosis, which is responsible for altering the body’s pH levels and may become a significant predictor for the development of disease.

The study found that drinking alkaline antioxidant water reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and may even lower total mortality rates to prolong your life and health.

Moreover, drinking alkaline water helped prevent osteoporosis and the build-up of toxins in the pancreas, according to the study.

Lastly, drinking alkaline water improves health by reducing harmful bacteria that may be accumulating in the digestive tract.

Incorporating Affordable Alkaline Antioxidant Water into Your Diet

Not everyone can afford thousands of pounds to have a molecular hydrogen system installed in their home. But drinking alkaline antioxidant hydrogen-enriched water becomes affordable for everyone when choosing to use the Biocera Alkaline Jug.

The Biocera Alkaline Jug is the most cost-effective way to get alkaline antioxidant water with molecular hydrogen in your diet. It works by raising tap water pH levels from 7.5 to 9.5 to naturally combat acidity in the body and flush out toxins.

Biocera filtered water contains antioxidant properties and neutralises free radicals that may otherwise accumulate in blood and tissues to cause disease. It also filters out harmful chemicals found in tap water that may be silently harming your family.

The Biocera Jug is attractive looking, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for a molecular hydrogen based water source. The jug holds 1.5 litres of water and fits easily in the fridge door.

Manufactured in Europe from BPA-free plastic, it does not require any plumbing connection or hard work. Simply pour tap water into the jug and enjoy clean-tasting water that has been scientifically shown to improve your health.

  • Fill several bottles of clean water and send your children to school knowing they will be healthy while you’re away.
  • Keep a few bottles in your car so you can sip on them throughout the day or while at the gym.
  • For other easy tips for keeping healthy and promoting an alkaline diet, see our article about boosting your immunity in the colder months.

To learn more, or to buy your own Biocera Alkaline Jug, please visit our online shop. You can also leave a message for one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to call you back and discuss your queries over the phone: just click on the Contact Us tab.