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Does Liquid Chlorophyll Help With Weight Loss & Wellbeing?

Does Liquid Chlorophyll Help With Weight Loss & Wellbeing?

Does Liquid Chlorophyll Help With Weight Loss & Wellbeing?

Have you got the TikTok app on your phone?

If so, you’ll probably be familiar with influencers taking the supplement “chlorophyll water.”

But is it all it’s hyped up to be? Let’s find out!

Before we dive into the science behind chlorophyll, let’s quickly discuss what it is. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. So far so good; we all know that eating lots of leafy greens like spinach, kale, rocket, and collard greens is good for your health. And if you don't know, read our blog dedicated to the topic.

Chlorophyll is like liquid sunshine: the plants absorb the sunlight and chlorophyll turns it into energy. So it makes sense that chlorophyll would be good for your health, but does this hold true according to the latest science?

What Does Chlorophyll Do To Your Body?

  • It's true that there aren’t a vast number of studies published on chlorophyll supplementation.But we’ll go through the evidence thus far that outlines possible health benefits of consuming chlorophyll.

    1. May Increase Red Blood Cell Count

    People with a low red blood cell count often feel fatigued. In extreme cases, this can lead to anaemia. Common in people who consume large amounts of alcohol.Chlorophyll can increase blood-oxygen levels, in turn, increasing red blood cell count. If this is coupled with daily exercise, then you’ll be taking leaps forward in boosting your red blood cell count.

    In one studypublished in 2004, patients suffering from the blood disorder “thalassemia” were given wheatgrass daily.Wheatgrass is about 70% chlorophyll, therefore this study may help us understand how chlorophyll can boost red blood cell count.The researchers discovered that consuming wheatgrass daily reduced the number of blood transfusions required.

    Admittedly, the study wasn’t entirely conclusive, as Dr Chris Reynolds didn’t specifically state that it was the chlorophyll that helped. However, it’s an interesting finding that we’ll hopefully explore more in the future.

    2. Skin Health & Wound Healing

    The active chemical in liquid chlorophyll is known as chlorophyllin. This is a compound that has been used topically to treat acne, large pores and sun-damaged skin.Three interesting studies have looked at the benefits of using chlorophyll topically on the skin.In 2008 there were several studies carried out to explore the effects of chlorophyll on wound healing. Finding that adding chlorophyllin aided in wound healing .

    Two 2015 studies looked at acneand sun-damagedskin. Finding that just 3 weeks of application improved acne among sufferers, and that applying chlorophyll gel for 8 weeks improved sun-damaged skin.Interestingly, a combined approach of topical and internal supplementation often works synergistically to promote health and wellbeing.

    3. Detoxification & Carcinogens

    Many crops produce a toxin known as aflatoxin. This particular toxin can creep into the food supply when foods such as nuts, rice, dried foods or vegetable oils are contaminated before harvest. Consuming large amounts of aflatoxins can seriously damage the liver and can be life-threatening. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that aflatoxicosis (acute poisoning from aflatoxins) has been observed in humans since the 1960s.Aflatoxin is a biomarker for cancer growth (especially liver cancer) and as such, it is a carcinogen. A reduction in aflatoxins circulating in the blood could therefore halt the growth of some tumours.

    In a Chinese study, researchers discovered that consuming chlorophyll daily, with each meal , could reduce aflatoxins by a massive 55%. They have been exploring these effects for over 20 years.

    4. May Reduce Body Odour

    A lot of the science surrounding chlorophyll and body odour was carried out in the early 20th century.Like many of the health benefits of supplements or plants, chlorophyll's effects on the body are disputed by many. But if we jump over to the animal world, then we can see dog treats for bad breath contain chlorophyll – and many vets swear by it.Moreover, there are several other benefits of pets consuming chlorophyll, such as immune system health, and detoxification. Sticking with the animal world, dog breeders swear by chlorophyll to reduce the scent of a dog in heat. It can be sprayed on bitches in heat to ward off male dogs. So there is definitely something to chlorophyll neutralising body odour. I guess when you consider that chlorophyll will make the body’s pH more alkaline, and most bad odours are acidic, there is some method to the madness.In humans, research shows that chlorophyll can reduce the scent of trimethylaminuria. Which is a syndrome where patients emit a fishy smell.>

    5. And Finally...The Topic of Weight Loss

    I’d like to begin this section by saying that now we know the chlorophyll can neutralise bad-smelling acidic particles... as well as aid in wound healing and detoxification... the common claim that chlorophyll may aid in weight loss doesn’t seem so far fetched! All of the systems in the body are interlinked and as such, people who are carrying a lot of weight are often quite acidic, need detoxification, and antibacterial properties are a bonus.The only research study that backs up these claims is a 2014 study of 38 females, all of whom took a daily supplement that included chlorophyll.

    The findings were that taking the plant membrane supplement aided weight loss. The researchers suggested that lowering cholesterol levels is the cause of the additional weight loss. There is limited conclusive research in this area. Yet many anecdotal reports suggest that chlorophyll water supplements may help you drop a few pounds.

    Benefits of Chlorophyll (Does Liquid Chlorophyll Work?)

    Everybody knows how important it is to eat leafy greens (or they certainly should know, at any rate). But how many of us eat as much as we should? I know there are times in my life when it hasn’t been possible for one reason or another. One of the key benefits of consuming liquid chlorophyll is that it can (to some extent) take the place of eating lots of greens every day.Chlorophyll is plant blood. In fact, in 1913 Swiss biochemist Arthur Stoll discovered that the molecular structure of human haemoglobin (a.k.a blood) were structurally identical to chlorophyll. The only difference is that they contain iron at their core, rather than magnesium. Taking chlorophyll has many proven benefits but more simply put, it helps purify and carry oxygen throughout the body.

    How Long Does It Take For Liquid Chlorophyll To Work?

    Studies on skin health have shown that it can take between three to eight weeks for chlorophyll to work. But as with so many supplements, it’s important to use chlorophyll daily to see positive results. Additionally, you need to choose a liquid chlorophyll supplement that is easily absorbed in the body. Make sure to keep your liquid chlorophyll in the fridge once opened to preserve the goodness! It’s best to take one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll three times daily in a 500ml glass of water. Kids, meanwhile, should take a teaspoon of chlorophyll in water three times daily.

    Taking the supplement three times a day will allow you to feel a quick boost of wellbeing. Some people suggest that you might start to feel the benefits in as little as two weeks.Just keep in mind that we’re all unique and the amount of time it will take to feel the benefits will differ from one person to the next.


    In 1913, biochemist Arthur Stoll discovered that the molecular structure of human haemoglobin (a.k.a blood) were structurally identical to chlorophyll. The only difference is that they contain iron at their core, rather than magnesium.

    <>Although there’s not a huge amount of published information that conclusively states that chlorophyll boosts health, there's enough literature on the topic to feel somewhat confident about adding it to your supplement regime.

    Eating lots of greens can be difficult, so taking liquid chlorophyll is a handy trick to boost your green food intake.

    Chlorophyll can help your body cleanse and detox, in turn, this can have the effect of weight loss and boosting energy.

    Of course, there are many other things that can help your weight-loss endeavours: precision nutrition, better hydration, apple cider vinegar, vitamin D.

    Written by best-selling author and integrative nutrition health coach Rowanna Watson, who has a passion for natural health. Rowanna is an expert in all areas of holistic health, plant-based nutrition, detoxification and personal development.

    Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here to find out more.