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Alkaline Water in the Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

Alkaline Water in the Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

The build-up of harmful LDL cholesterol is typically associated with the excessive consumption of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. However, there is a large body of evidence to suggest that high cholesterol levels, and the cardiovascular problems that they engender, are connected to your body’s acid/alkaline balance. In The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet, Professor Felicia Kilmet tells us that:

“Cholesterol is only deposited when acidic compounds make scratches and bumps on the inside of arteries and veins that then have to be 'bandaged' over with cholesterol, triglycerides and other acidic wastes. Of course, the higher the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, the thicker the bandage and the narrower the arteries.

"Still, a high cholesterol level is not the underlying cause of hardening of the arteries. Cholesterol and other thick, sticky substances cannot adhere to vessel walls that are smooth. Only after the arterial walls become pitted by acid particles are fatty plaques able to stick to them.

"Narrowed arteries are dangerous for two reasons. Not only can fatty plaque become detached from the walls and travel through the bloodstream to the brain where they cause strokes, they also raise blood pressure, which in turn increases the likelihood of heart attacks.”

Evidence supporting the idea that cholesterol levels are directly linked to acid/alkaline balance can also be found in a series of studies published by Hironaga Kuninaka, an esteemed professor and director of Kuninaka Hospital, Japan. These studies show that both the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of a control group can be significantly lowered when alkaline minerals are used to neutralise acidic compounds in the blood over a three-week period. Moreover, the studies highlight a clear link between blood acidity and the deposition of LDL plaques.

So, while it may be true that your body will only manufacture LDL cholesterol when you consume an excess of unhealthy fats, it’s also important to bear in mind that this 'bad' cholesterol will only be applied if you allow your blood and tissues to become overly acidic, forcing your body to ‘bandage’ any tears in vein or artery walls with whatever (LDL) plaques are available.

How Can I Prevent LDL Cholesterol Deposits From Forming?

According to Professor Kuninaka’s study, the best way to prevent cholesterol deposits from forming is to ensure that your delicate pH balance doesn’t deviate towards acidity and cause irreparable damage to your veins and arteries.

In Professor Kilmet's judgement, this should be achieved by drinking plenty of alkaline, antioxidant water that’s rich in minerals like potassium, zinc and magnesium. These alkaline minerals will serve to neutralise acids in your blood and return your body to optimum balance.

The process will help to prevent the scarring of blood vessel walls and obviate the need for a protective coating of cholesterol. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that, over time, the process of alkalising your body can help to break down cholesterol deposits that have already formed – dispersing them throughout your bloodstream and reducing the strain placed on your cardiovascular system as a result.

Go Green

Green food supplements are another great way to bring your body back into optimum balance. High-quality formulations like Green Vibrance powder can supply most of the alkaline minerals required to neutralise acids in the blood and combat the build-up of harmful LDL cholesterol. The award-winning 'futurefood' also provides a range of vital phytonutrients to support cellular repair and protect the body from damaging acids.

As with all things, it’s important to take a balanced approach to preventing the build-up of LDL cholesterol, and we would certainly advise that you listen to your body’s response as you trial new treatments: it will always tell you what it needs.

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You might also want to try Professor Kilmet’s The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. It’s a particularly insightful read, and it’s full of good advice and sound research on the subject of alkalising.

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