It's Organic September, so we thought we'd keep things topical by writing about why buying organic is a good idea. The month-long campaign raises awareness of the producers and farmers who bring organic products to market with their many benefits.

To be classed as organic, products and foods have to adhere to strict regulations. Producers are inspected annually to ensure they are sticking to these strict EU guidelines.

The main benefits of buying and eating organic are:

- You help to protect the environment, combating climate change and protecting biodiversity and wildlife.

- Any livestock reared by organic farmers have a better quality of life, with the freedom to roam. The highest standards of animal welfare protect them.  

- Any foods or products won't contain any preservatives, herbicides or additives, and there should be no genetically modified ingredients.

- Organic produce contains far fewer pesticides.

- You are eating good-quality food that is more nutritious, as more natural and sustainable organic farming practices ensure there are more nutrients in the soil. 

- According to the Soil Association, by switching just one item in your shop to organic, you will help to contribute to changing our food system. Buying more organic food increases the demand for organic farms, meaning fewer pesticides in our environment. It's better for our wildlife and means more farm animals can be raised humanely, under higher welfare standards.