The work of Viktor Schauberger is controversial. He thought of water as the “blood of Mother Earth,” directly contradicting our long-held materialistic view of water being lifeless, a simple chemical matter of H2O.

Instead, Schauberger talked about the different categories of water. Explaining that water is alive. With ignorant handling, such as by humans and animals, water gets diseased.

Modern people only think about the cleanliness of the water. Which has led to the chlorination of water to the detriment of beneficial micro-organisms that sustain all life.

To ensure that the water we drink has the highest amount of energy, life force and health, we must take some precautions. For example, learning how to care for water. Living in harmony with nature’s laws is the only way to thrive. Water is the giver of all life and needs to be treated with high regard.

In this article, we’ll explore some of Viktor Schauberger’s work on water, water’s connection with the forest, and his many lessons from nature. In an attempt to better understand how we can care for water and allow water to benefit living beings.